Hunderman Village | Kargil | Last Border Village

11th Aug 2021
Photo of Hunderman Village | Kargil | Last Border Village 1/1 by Neeraj Dhiman

Hunderman is a hamlet located on the Indo-Pak border. The LoC flows across the high peaks of the valley in which the hamlet is situated and abruptly changes course. Hunderman has seen four wars, many skirmishes, and unique events in military history during the last 70 years. Hunderman has been a citizen of two countries.

It was a part of Pakistan from 1949 to 1971. During the 1965 war, it was effectively shut off for four months due to a standoff between the Indian and Pakistani forces. Hunderman is one of several communities in Jammu and Kashmir that have been traumatised by an unclear boundary. It has gone through four wars and has been a part of two nations. Homes and families have been ripped apart as the Line of Control has moved.

It is only about 10 kilometres from Kargil and should not be overlooked. The uphill journey is especially delightful in the evenings. The first settlement of PoK may be seen from the LoC vantage point. You may use the telescope there to better view army positions and PoKs on the other side of the LoC. A short journey will take you to the abandoned upper Hunderman settlement, which was part of PoK before the 1971 war. It will be a fascinating and delightful diversion from Kargil.