Jammu Diaries - Amar Palace #travelwithtripoto #TripotoPrompts


Amar Mahal, located in Jammu, is a palace depicting grandeur of Past rulers. . It was constructed by a French architect for Raja Amar Singh, belonging to the Dogra dynasty. The architecture of this marvelous palace resembles the grand Chateaus of France.

The beautiful palace of Amar Mahal is made of red sand stone which is a real visual treat to everyone . The scenic background of the place enhances the beauty of this palace manifolds.

A great place to see the scenic beauty of Jammu. It contains mostly the photos and artefacts related to the family of King Hari Singh and Karna Singh. The architecture of the palace is fascinating.

Entry Fees:

The entry fees of amar mahal palace museum is Rs. 5.0 per person children , 10.0 per person adults, 50.0 per person foreign nationals, . The entrance ticket price of this place is the official fee for entry to and visit of the place during its opening times

Location :

It is at the heart of the city and you can easily reach this place by taking private cars or rickshaws

Day 1

I always had this in my list wherever I visited jammu and finally I got a chance to reach this place one afternoon. 

I took the auto from the hotel and then went to  the palace which also had a museum.

Inside is a beautiful architecture that you will see. 

The passages are supported on columns with wooden framework. The first floor of the palace building has French windows with connected balcony. The top floor has a bay window.

You can see a lot of paintings inside of the era and dogra dynasty.

There is also a Hotel inside which provide a good variety of food. 

It was lovely spending an amazing afternoon here :)

Must visit place :)

Lovely posing outside this amazing palace :)

Photo of Jammu Diaries - Amar Palace #travelwithtripoto #TripotoPrompts by Deepak Kashyap

Beautiful :)

Photo of Jammu Diaries - Amar Palace #travelwithtripoto #TripotoPrompts by Deepak Kashyap

Another angle :)

Photo of Jammu Diaries - Amar Palace #travelwithtripoto #TripotoPrompts by Deepak Kashyap

From a little far away :)

Photo of Jammu Diaries - Amar Palace #travelwithtripoto #TripotoPrompts by Deepak Kashyap