Jammu Diaries- Peer kho Caves #travelwithtripoto #TripotoPrompts


Jammu is a place that has lots and lots of Hindu temples. It is known as the city of temples for the same reason. 
I had a lot of work in Jammu in the year 2013 so went to many places.

One such place that was direct from my dream was the peer kho caves.  Spellbinding structure, caves,  and the God that were preached in there made it so special. 

Overlooking the Tawi River, the Peer Kho cave temple is another well-known Shiva temple in Jammu. Igneous rocks and lush green forests serve as the backdrop to this Cave Temple. Even though there are several popular stories that are linked to the temple, the truth of the Peer Kho Temple can't be stated with surety.

It is also believed that the Shiva Lingam was naturally formed here and people of Jammu started worshipping it.  But the most epic myth about the cave is that, people believe there are inside routes that even leads to Pakistan!!!

Day 1

My inquisitive attitude led me to try this magical place in Jammu one afternoon. As it is not far from city and easily accessible so any one can reach this place. 

I reached this place, thinking about the cave in my mind.  And I was astonished to see that the caves were actually mesmerizing.

Inside the cave there were idols of God's and certain areas the beauty and the backdrop was quite visible. 

I spent a lot of time there, asking about the caves from the locals and that indeed helped me to gain knowledge.

A lovely evening spent at a place which is not known to maximum people of the world but indeed is one of the most amazing places to visit  in Jammu. 

Photo of Peer Kho by Deepak Kashyap

Wow, this cave was such a hidden gem.

Photo of Peer Kho by Deepak Kashyap

Capture of the Temple

Photo of Peer Kho by Deepak Kashyap

The entrance :)

Photo of Peer Kho by Deepak Kashyap

Inside view :)

Photo of Peer Kho by Deepak Kashyap