11 interesting facts about Japan, number 6 and 10 surprised me:

Photo of 11 interesting facts about Japan, number 6 and 10 surprised me: by Anish Baheti

1. Solo dining is comfortable and marrying yourself is common

2. Millions of vending machines that sell anything and everything. Umbrella or Eggs anyone?

3. Traditional Japanese garment is the kimono, which perfectly wraps around your body. (Did wear that)

4. You'll find Square Watermelons here.

5. Japanese live the longest and you'll find more pets than children, which means adult diapers are sold more than baby diapers.

6. Most toilets in Japan are built with smart technology. Fancy, a warm hair dryer for your backside after answering nature's call - you got it!! (Used it and didn't feel like getting up)

7. The depth of the bow shows the level of respect - lower bows indicate more respect.

8. A People Crammer's job exists here and their role is to push as many people into a train carriage during peak hours. (Felt that)

9. Slurping noodles with loud sounds shows you are enjoying your food. It's not considered rude at all. (Experienced that)

10. Onsen public baths - concept of going completely naked in a public bathhouse is part of self-love and self-care ritual. (Did that several times and loved it!!)

11. Punctuality- the average delay of Japanese trains is 18 seconds.

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