Plan for the unexpected

8th Oct 2019
Photo of Plan for the unexpected by Anusha Kalim

The 7 years old, colouring a scenery of a river passing by the thirsty hills. I was astonished by the beauty after witnessing my childhood drawing with my bare eyes, the crystal clear water creating an ethereal glassy look in the valley of Jibhi. I promised my father not to go near the river. Eliminated all the excuses, and followed my heart. I took my steps towards the riverside. I was frightened and thrilled at that moment. Suddenly, I heard a voice, Are you afraid of water. I slightly smiled with a No. I saw a native of Jibhi washing her clothes near the river. She talked about her village located in the majestic Himalayas, talking about her two sons who left Himachal for further studies. I advised her to live with her sons in the town. She replied with a smile, the town itself is more of a square village with a collection of building and restaurants. We sat and watched the sun set into a giant pink ball before disappearing into the horizon. Life is beautiful, don’t forget to live it. The Himachal has its own little world, made me feel closer to nature than any place i’ve ever been before. When I was listening to her, it makes the hour go by quicker and the sky was full of colours and low clouds rolled through the valley. Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.