Chikmaglur- Land of coffee and thoughtful people


The roaming spirit inside me was not letting me rest; I just want to get away from the hustle bustle of city to the lap of mountains, chirping sound of birds and a new place to explore. With other two friends, we planned up all girls trip to Land of Coffee plantations.

We boarded bus from Bangalore at 11.30pm, it took us just 5hrs to reach the Chikmaglur town. It was still dark and our cottage was 4km from town. It took us some time to find a ride, after enquiring with few drivers we got an auto at reasonable rates. The night was dark, serenity around we drove in cold breeze to our accommodation. The cottage was amidst the forest on the way to Hirekolale lake, there were coffee estate at the back side.

We decided to go see the sunrise after taking a short nap but as it happened we got up by 9.30am, the weather was pleasant with cloudy sky and we could still hear the sound of nature. We roved around the cottage trying to figure out means to travel today. Due to long weekends all cabs/jeeps were booked, the only option left with us was auto. After having yummy south indian breakfast with filter coffee in between the coffee estate, we hoped on to auto for our first sight seeing place of the day- Hirekolale lake

Photo of Silver Palm Retreat, HirekoLale, Karnataka, India by Apeksha Mahto

It is a water reservoir surrounded by hills and greenery, a small temple in middle of lake. After taking number of photos we headed to Mullyangiri.

Photo of Hirekolale lake, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka, India by Apeksha Mahto

The path was curved, we climbed through mountain range and reached seethalayanagiri. As its been raining a while and the path from here is narrow and mushy, we have to take a jeep ride. And to our luck we got along with other group and hired a jeep to Mullyangiri. As two of us were struggling with knee injury we made in relaxing trip, the trek is highly recommended for trekking enthusiast. It was a bumpy ride to the hill top, getting down from Jeep we climbed few steps to the peak. The clouds were flying around and then it rained for a while clearing the scenic view. At the top there is a temple and boundry is made around it with rocks and there are few spots left to see the view. On the right side, going beyond the Nandi there is a cave, mostly used to meditate. We missed this point, got to know next day from our cottage owner friend.

Way back was bit difficult with more number of cars with unexperienced drivers trying to drive up along the slippery path. By the time we touched down it was already 4pm and other places will be closed soon. Coming down the hill in auto made out trip adventurous.

Photo of Mullayanagiri Peak, Pandaravalli, Karnataka by Apeksha Mahto
Photo of Mullayanagiri Peak, Pandaravalli, Karnataka by Apeksha Mahto
Photo of Mullayanagiri Peak, Pandaravalli, Karnataka by Apeksha Mahto

Next we headed to coffee estate and then to Town Canteen. They surely serve delicious dosas, and the gulab jamun will just melt in your mouth. With full tummy we were on way back to our cottage, the sun was going down leaving behind a pattern of pink and violet. I have painted pink sky but this was the first time I witnessed it, thanks to my friends who planned this trip. Reaching back next task was to find a car and driver for next day,our cottage owner got the car and requested his friend to drive us to Halebidu.

You can check out Day 2 trip in next blog-

Photo of Town Canteen, Vijayapura, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka, India by Apeksha Mahto

We bought some Coffee and variety of teas from CCD, the CCD gets its coffee from Chikmaglur and here they have their 35th store. It was damn cheap and also they have facility to keep the luggage. To pass time, we went to a Fair and refreshed childhood memories by riding the dragon, giant wheel; shooting and playing few games.

This two days we met some good people, the things fall in place and we are headed home with fine memories of not only the place but also the people. The humanity still exist and we saw it.