Solo to Hampi

14th Apr 2017
Photo of Solo to Hampi by Rahul Nath
Day 1
Photo of IISC Bangalore, Gulmohar Marg, Mathikere, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Rahul Nath

Hampi may seem like a getaway for group fun but I decided to explore it solo. I arrived in Bangalore overnight by bus from Chennai. I decided to spend the day at IISc with my friend as the bus to Hampi was at night. As I had not been to the campus before, it was a good experience to explore around. The trip price given is inclusive of bus travels. Later that night I took the bus to Hampi and reached early next morning.

Day 2


Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by Rahul Nath

The bus dropped me at Hosapete. From there one can easily get a local bus to Hampi. Once I reached there, I had a light breakfast. I decided to explore the main side of Hampi before checking in at my room. A path will lead along the Tungabhadra river to ruins of Hampi and it was well past noon before I had explored it all.

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by Rahul Nath

Later I came back to the bus stand area and explored the temple. It is usually flocked by many devotees and the crowd is huge. I crossed the river on foot (boulder by boulder). It was dry at that part of the year and water was shallow in some parts. I checked into my room and after getting fresh decided to explore the other side of Hampi.

Sunset at Anjanamatha

Photo of Anjana Matha Temple, Anjanadri Betta, Hanumanahalli, Karnataka, India by Rahul Nath

Reaching Anjanamatha temple on foot was only the beginning. One has to climb the 500+ steps to get to the top. But it is worth in the end as one gets to see the spectacular sunset along with the panoramic view of small boulder mountains spread around Hampi. I returned to my room late in the evening. The stay had an open restaurant and "Into the Wild" playing, so it was a pretty good dinner with strangers.

Day 3
Photo of Sunrise Sunset Point, Matanga Hill, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Rahul Nath

The next morning I woke up early to make it across the river (be careful in the dark) to reach Matanga Hill for the beautiful sunrise. Climbing the huge rocks to reach the top can be tricky at places. Later I came down for breakfast and set off to explore the southern part of Hampi ruins. I explored places like Royal enclosure and Lotus Mahal. One can see ruins in almost all parts and wherever one travels here. From big temples to small shrines.

Public bath

Photo of Royal enclosure, Karnataka, India by Rahul Nath

Late in the afternoon, I took a bus to Hosapete. I had already booked a overnight bus to Chennai. The 2 days in Hampi was hectic, hot (April is not the preferable time) and tiring. But I successfully explored most of it and have no regrets for having done it solo.