"Udupi An Paradise Place In Coastal Karnataka"

5th Mar 2021

Day 1 :

It was Friday night ,I boarded the bus at Majestic bus station in Bangalore and after having slept like baby all night through, in the Airavat club class Bus (Operated by KSRTC ) , I reached Udupi bus stand at 7.30 AM Next Morning . The journey in a Airavat bus is always smooth and so I was tireless.


Day 2

I remember the first time when I visited Udupi, it was probably 2015 .I used to hear lot about Udupi and I used to dreadfully wait for my weekend as an excuse to escape to this extraordinary town.

Even with first visit, this town has abundance of beauty in it.

Places to visit in Udupi:-

Day 2 :

I started day 1 by visiting Beautiful Udupi Shri Krishna Temple .

1.Udupi Sri Krishna Temple :-

Day 3

It is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to god Krishna and Dvaita Matha located in the city of Udupi in Karnataka, India.

The Udupi Shri Krishna Matha is an important religious Centre for the Hindus and is placed among the principal pilgrimage sites in India.

Let me share my experience with you about this temple visit .

The inner sanctum of the temple is a wooden structure. There is a 4 feet wide window installed in the structure that look into the inner sanctum. You cannot look directly into the inner sanctum towards deity .There is a series of wire mesh windows through which you look inside .

Now you might be getting the question that what is the reason for this arrangement ?

So let me answer your question .

These dates back centuries .There was a devotee of lord shri krisha by the name saint kanakdas .Sant kanakadas called out to the lord through his devotional songs .Moved by his devotee's dedication ,shri krishna took a complete turn facing and gave blessing to the devotee (Called as Kanakana Kindi ).That is the reason why every one can see through that "Kindi".

So let me give you some synopsis about history of this temple .

The history of this temple goes back around 800 years from this point of time .Madhavacharya ,one of the three Matha Heads or Acharyas ,installed the statue of Lord Shri Krishna here He found the idol inside a drowing ship that had set sail for this place Dwaraka. and He saved the drowing ship and all the sailors too subsequently .Chunk of mud was kept as weight balance He saved this drowing ship.The merchant ,who was the owner of the ship ,offered his wealth to Madhavacharya ,but he  gave up everything else ,but took just a chunk of mud from the ship.It was in that chunk if mud that the Acharya found the Shri Krishna idol and installed it in udupi.Basically idol is very small.It is almost like the Balakrishna /In one hand he is holding the Churner and in other hand a rope ,which is used to churn.Thisis symbolic in a way -in practical terms ,just like we churn the milk to get butter.

In udupi,in the spiritual sense ,the Lord will churn our lives so that we get Bhakti or Devotion

Best Time to Visit: During the Krishnashthami (Janmashthami) in August-September

Temple Timings

Opening: 4 am

Visiting time: 5 am to 9.30 pm

Entry Fee: Free

2.St. Mary's Island

I got boat tickets (Rs. 300 round trip) at St. Mary's Island Boating Office .After about 15 min wait, and a 20 mins ride, I was on the beautiful islandLife jackets are provided on the boat.Rs.200 charge to take cameras.The boat driver will tell you that you have to be back in 1.5-2hrs.I spent 1 hours on the beach exploring, climbing up the rock formations, watching the views, seeing some marine inhabitants .

3.Malpe Beach :-

After exploring St. Mary's Island I proceeded towards Malpe Beach .I came here for a sunset view which was quite decent.The beach is a bit crowded but quite neat and clean.A lot of water activities are available here the best being the Paragliding, Parasailing, Motor boat rides.Don't miss having fresh fish at any of the shacks on the road nearby beach.It’s a great place for a swim.

Day 3 :

4.Kapu Beach :

I started day 2 by visiting Gorgeous Kapu Beach .

Kapu light house adds the spice to the looks of Kapu beach.It is relatively a nice and clean beach.Plan to visit during sunset as the view is mesmerizing.You can visit with family.If you are staying in city limits, it may take 20-30 mins to reach the beach.The sunset happens around 6:30 PM in the month of winters so plan accordingly.

5.Delta Beach (Kodi Bengre ):

. The water is very clean and so is the sand. If you are a beach lover, you must visit this. This place is so lovely .One feels like coming here in the evening and just spending time sitting on one of these rocks and enjoy this beautiful view .Sea view is simply terrific .This spot is called the "Delta Beach " and 2 rivers meet the Arabian Sea here. The names of the rivers are Sita and Swarna .Till 20 km down the river ,you will find that the river water is sweet .But as the river gets closer to the sea, the water starts turning salty .As the river comes flowing down towards the sea, it brings with it sediments .

Infact in about 3-4 hours ,the water will rise several feet here .Yes ,in fact during full moon days ,the water can rise up to 20 feet as well. During the rainy season ,the water comes right up to rocks located near sea.

Cool breeze in evenings, white sand, not much crowded at all. Walk peacefully by beach, no disturbance from crowd.

6.Padukere Beach :

After visiting Delta beach I proceeded towards Padukere Beach .

This is the first time ever that I have been to this beach.That's to give you an idea of how less explored this beach is.And the less explored the better.This beach is magical.Simply one of the best beaches I have visited so far.It is so scenic and so clean. Less crowded.So good to spend some quiet quality time with your loved ones.You will truly enjoy your time at the beach.To top that the journey to the beach is also filled with scenery and the roads are good, so driving or riding is not a problem.There is a spacious parking area.Just simply loved this beach. Its a must visit.

7.Padubidri Beach :

So my last stop for the day was Padubidri Beach .

Padubidri beach is one of the 8 Indian beaches to receive the blue Flag recognition .This recognition is granted based on standards like safety ,accessibility ,environment ,etc. You can enjoy the sea - view while travelling on this road .The beach is very neat and clean. Overall i must say ,it is a good experience to enjoy the sea view in Padubidri Beach Most of the time it is not crowded and we will not be able to get into the water here. Government has developed this beach to attract tourists. People can under trees and enjoy the waves. So I got in time to catch the sunset and it was simply heavenly experience .There are nice and clean washroom facilities available in this beach .

So I ended my 2 days beautiful trip to Udupi and Returned to Bangalore with lot of Sweet memories .