9th Dec 2018
Day 1

As weekend started,me and my friend Ron met in Locals, since it was saturday the place was packed. As usual we ordered tower, just talking about what is happening in life.

Suddenly Ron tells me he would like just go somewhere and asked me what I thought. Its been quite sometime I have done anything like this. We haven't decided Where to go yet. Ron planned we'll take bus to Madikeri, meet a friend there, chill out and then head back the next day.

It was around 10 pm we decided. Straight away we reached satellite bus stop, booked tickets and got into bus by 11 pm. We close the day here.

Day 2

We reached Madikeri by 5.30 AM. Walked towards a small cafe, had some coffee and checked for stay options. A cab driver suggested a good stay down the road. Since we were planning to leave the same day we just wanted to rest for sometime, get freshen up and leave. By 6 AM we reached the place, lucky for us he had only cottage available. We booked and informed the hotel guy that we would be leaving before 11 AM but vacated by 10.30 AM.

We had some amazing authentic Pork pepper fry and Pork curry along with parotas as breakfast. Mouth watering taste.

Ron called his friend, who said he will take us to a private place. He came along with his friend in a car picked us and we started off. As we took off more guys joined us. We were good 10 people. On the way we bought some meat, rice and vegetables to cook. Off course we picked up some booze. The plan is on.

We drove towards Kushalnagar and took a deviation. At last we reached. The fun part begins now. We walked inside, I see river flowing. I have seen rivers but never had opportunity to cross. It was an adventure. We crossed the river. As much as we go further I could see more rivers. We walked across the river, got settled under some shade. Oh! The place is unbelievable.

Guys started off with cooking and played some chilling tracks. A couple of us jumped into river. The water is so fresh. Just relaxed in river. The food was prepared. Everybody jumped into river, had hell lot of fun. At last we had food ended the day by sunset. We crossed those rivers back. Me and Ron had booked the tickets to Bangalore by 7 Pm, we had to part ways. We reached Bangalore by midnight.

The experience we had was mind-blowing. My unplanned weekend surprised me with beauty of nature and fun. Adventurous and thrilling..

Photo of Unplanned by Manoj K
Photo of Unplanned by Manoj K
Photo of Unplanned by Manoj K
Photo of Unplanned by Manoj K
Photo of Unplanned by Manoj K
Photo of Unplanned by Manoj K