Apsarakonda- Pond of Angels

29th Jan 2016

When work takes you to Amazing places.. 

Back in early 2016, I went to a small town in Uttar Kannada district called Honnavar. This quiet and serene beach town is located on the National Highway 66 and can be accessed both by the railways and the roadways. The town is dotted by many non-commercial rough beaches which are not touristy and are used for fishing.

Bored from the mundane office work (for which I was transported to this lovely place in the first place), I decided to explore the unexplored. A quick chat with the Hotel Staff led me to the beautiful Apsarakonda falls and the Beach (PS- I stayed at the Kamath Hotel, offering a decent and safe stay and it serves sumptuous South Indian Vegetarian Thalis and delectable variety of Idlis (Rice and Lentil Cakes)

Off I set to the road in a local auto and after an interesting half an hour ride as we crossed the big creek we reached the Apsarakonda Beach via State Highway 66. We landed up near an old temple and Pandava caves (which has a history dating back to Mahabharata) behind which are the beautiful Apsarakonda Falls.

A small super easy trek on a hillock which is also maintained by the Forest deptt (I guess….) has a nice and lush green park which is beautifully done on different levels (along the profile of the hill) and offers vantage points towards the sea. The place is so quiet that you can clearly listen to the sound of waves, humming of birds and if you are lucky the sound of the waterfall too. While descending from the hill, you see the amazing Apsarakonda Waterfall. The water is so clean and fresh you almost feel like jumping into it, though I controlled myself as instructed by the local guard. Apsarakonda literally means the Pond of Angels which is truly justified looking at the beauty of the place. I was so lost in its beauty that I forgot to take a picture !!! My bad....

Photo of Apsarakonda- Pond of Angels 1/3 by M Naik
No filters, taken from Moto G3,
Photo of Apsarakonda- Pond of Angels 2/3 by M Naik
Beach Please!!!

Nature is amazingly crafted and you vouch it here, else, how often do you see a fresh water pond in immediacy of the giant ocean. Yess… The Apsarakonda Falls lead to a fresh water pond also known as Kelginoor Pond which has clear water and beautiful colored fish. I can guarantee the freshness of the water because I dared to taste it…. On the other end of the pond is the Apsarakonda Beach with Blue waters and sparklingly clean white sand. It was a non-commercial beach back then and so, almost deserted.

I was lucky that evening, as it was a high tide and slightly cloudy weather, I could see the tallest of waves in a roaring ocean. The local guard advised not to go in the water so I gave in. And there I sat, soaked in my thoughts, amazed by the Nature and watching the sea instilling a calming effect on me….

Photo of Apsarakonda- Pond of Angels 3/3 by M Naik

The best part of my entire trip….. Away from the crowd, the place is so secluded, as if, it only invites people who find peace in nature.