Adventure Dose:- kheerganga

7th Sep 2020
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Kheerganga is one of the best places in Parvati Valley. Trekkers choose to go for the Kheerganga Trek a lot as it is known for trekkers empyrean. As much as you got to know about the Nature, you’ll always found one another spectacle from the Nature, Kheerganga is one from them. We all know the beauty of Himalayan Ranges; there are numerous trails which add on the pulchritude to the Himalayas. You can see the raw nature thriving in Kheerganga, It’s a stoppage for almost every trek which starts from Kasol valley. You can recommence here completely after your macerated journey. It’s a perfect trek for every beginner. Kheerganga is a crown jewel among all the other treks around Kasol, there is a solid reason why kheerganga is only precious gem to Kasol. It is stodgy with numbers of waterfalls, Natural hot spring water; its specialty is their grasslands, Kheerganga is a gem of holiday especially for them who are interested in adventures. In Kheerganga you’ll embraced by Nature because you can find it in its true and original state. Kasol’s most popular trek kheerganga is of 7-8 hours hike to reach the Natural hot spring located at a height of 2950 mtr or 13000 ft. Each and everything of kheerganga gives you precision because they are fulfilled with serenity in their own, views from there gives you a complete satisfaction of getting the right value of your time, assiduous and money.

Photo of Adventure Dose:- kheerganga 2/2 by Adventure Dose