Wildlife Trip Nepal | Summer Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park

23rd Aug 2020

Though Bardia National Park is not a new dramatic destination for me as it was born home, Suddenly the plan was mounted up in four of us while enjoying the day snacks in Kathmandu Valley. While we were having snacks the word was exploded why not go to visit Bardia National Park this time, all of us agreed and promised, the deal was done. After having a homely Nepalese dish, We head towards Thamel on a bike, riding a bike has its taste and adventure drive in Kathmandu city with high caution and is a must. It was a nice time with Hemanta ( ( Nepal Highland Treks), Ram ( Dream Tibet P.Ltd) and Samsher Global Holidays Ltd), thank you Samsher for your wonderful treats. When the time hit us for a visit to Bardia, we had a bulletin from Samsher that he was unable to make this happen, which was ok and three of us confirmed to head, actually four us including my dad Premi ( Bardia Jungle Cottage). We met Ram at the Kathmandu Domestic Airport, where Shree airline was waiting for us fly to Nepalgunj with a 40-minute duration. With a warm welcome by aircrew, we took a seat, but there was something fun happened by Hemanta, which diverted me and Ram that we could not stop laughing, Hmm, sneaky, I am not gonna tell ya. We all had another fun regarding snacks, but we enjoyed beautifully.

Finally arrived at Airport where Subash was waiting for us. As we stepped outside the Shree Airline, we had a nice sundown heat then start riding a jeep for Bardia. Premi was little worried about Subash as he was riding a bike, he kept calling from time to time to make sure he is ok and safe. We convinced him, he will be ok, do not worry. Yes, here we go, we are at Bardia Jungle Cottage, simple accommodation in Bardia National Park. After having a portion of local food, it was a nice time to relax on the bed. It was too hot, it's summer, it's a rainy season. Ram and Hemanta were thirsty that they need something special to avoid the high heat, then the deal was done between two of them whoever wins the playing Ludo will go to ask something chilled. Ram won the game, but Hemanta has gone for something chilled Beer, which was happened and feels relaxed. It was nothing else, it was a beer. I am hoping beer helped them to have a nice sleep. The next morning was Jungle Walk.

We wake up early, had a quick breakfast then went for a jungle walk with our nature guide Subash, and our driver Bhim. After a quick registration at the main gate, our real adventure was started.

Crossing a Khauraha River:

Thank you Rangilal Tharu helping us a canoe ride to cross the Khauraha river which made our day special. As we were discussing crocodile that sometimes appears in the river, yes we saw a mugger (Marsh) crocodile after we crossed the river which was basking suntan on the bank. After reaching Chittal Phanta, Subash gave a small briefing about Bardia National Park, about animals habitation, safety. vegetation types and more. After a quick brief, we stepped ahead, but in the meantime one of the elephant driver (Mahut) told us to go to Bagh Machan as he saw a tiger there. We rushed our step and try to get there as soon as possible. We had a nice walk through the long grass on a sunny day, sweating, snapping, the long grasses scratches our hands, but it was ok we did not have any leaches. We reached Bagh Machan (Tiger Tower).

Tiger Tower: Wating for a tiger:

As we reached Tiger Tower, one of the Red tractors was cutting grass over the river next to the terrible island which was one of the Tiger destinations. It made us a sad moment as there was a big noise by tractor and we did not have a big hope to see tiger anymore then decided to move to another spot. I understand that maintaining phantas is great to work, but somehow not right on the tiger spot whether it's a peak season or offseason. Anyway, we planned to move to Tinkune, another animal spot.

Tinkune is another spot to wait for wild animals and has a high chance to see Tiger, Rhinos, or elephant including some other animals. Everyone was excited if we could see tiger or rhino or elephant, Subash informed us that there is rhino sitting in the small river, It was about 500 m away from a single rhino playing in the water next to riverine grass. We saw it for a long time as it kept going in the bush and coming back to the river, which was an amazing time. There was a tinkune tower standing behind us where we had a nice bird lunch. After a nice lunch, we moved back to the hotel.

For those who love real wildlife adventure the go nowhere, Bardia National Park is full of surprises like a suspense box of a gift. It has covered 968 sq. Km and is the largest national park in the Terai region of Nepal. Two main rivers Karnali and Babai river are as a bordering for the park which shelters over 400 species of Birds, Three big animals Tiger, Rhino, elephant, 125 species of Fishes, Freshwater Dolphins, many insects, snakes, seven different types of vegetations and much more. Bardia National Park is one of the finest tiger reserves in Nepal and has recorded an increasing number of tiger population. If you are planning to visit Bardia National Park, I would suggest you to minimum stay around 3 days to explore the hidden wildlife.

Jungle Walk with Nature Guide Bird Watching Trip Jeep Safari Wildlife Rafting Trip Fishing Trip Camping inside the Park I no longer suggest you for an elephant safari You may also visit Crocodile and Elephant Breeding Centre Visit Tharu Museum

Let's go back to the Kathmandu Now

A city is full of opportunity, a city historic destination, tourist attractions, a place for dirty politics with no hidden, a city of high population, a city of high pollution but beautiful place to explore ancient history, surroundings, street foods, and many more. Kathmandu is a capital city where you will have a great opportunity to explore and is also known as the city of temples standing at approximately 1400 metres above sea level. Kathmandu is completely alluring, bustling and colourful, is an amazing city to walk around.

Things to do in Kathmandu:

climb Swambhunath temple/stupa Visit Pashupatinath Temple Visit Budhanilkantha Temple Explore Durbar Square Visit Buddhist Stupas an Observation of the Roal Family home Bird Watching in Shivpuri National Park Try some MoMo Try Local Market in Asan Try Traditional Nepalese Food Get close up with local community and homestay Enjoy Riding Pathao if you are a single traveller