The Celestial Charm of Dzukou Valley

3rd May 2020
Photo of The Celestial Charm of Dzukou Valley by Deepak samal

The Celestial Charm of Dzukou Valley
Situated on the borders of Nagaland and Manipur, the flower bed of Dzukou Valley is a true marvel of Northeast India. Covered with a multicolored carpet of flowers, the serene view of this place is a treat to the eyes.
Resting among the clouds at approximately 2,452 meters above sea level, the lush flora & fauna of Dzukou Valley looks even more splendid in monsoon (June to September).
In summers, the valley yields bounteous tall green grasses and fully bloomed Dzukou flowers to set a picture-perfect view of those beautiful skyscraping mountains. In winter, one can see the entire valley covered in pristine and white snow.
The arresting beauty of Northeast India is evident in this magnificent valley. As much as this place is cherished by the locals of Nagaland and Manipur, it is yet to be explored by the foreigners and outsiders from other parts of India.
If you happen to plan a trip to Nagaland, write Dzukou valley on your bucket list and get ready to take in its sublime beauty.
Best time to visit this place
No matter when you visit this valley, you are sure to get a visual delight. The months from November to May are considerably dry and the trails are free from bloodsucking leeches.
If you want a glimpse of an alluring valley covered in different hues, April to September will be an ideal time to visit. In the first two weeks of July, the valley blooms in its full glory with beautiful wildflowers as far as the eyes can see.
If you do go there in the monsoon season, we will suggest you take a bag of salt or spray bottles to save yourself from those bloodsucking monsters.
How to get to this place?
Although you can reach Dzukou Valley from Manipur, the best way to get there is by Nagaland. The Manipur trail is less approachable and the roads are also in poor condition.
We will focus on how you can get to the Dzukou Valley from Nagaland.
The two towns of Kohima namely Jakhama and Viswema are ideal ways which are 20kms and 25kms away from Kohima respectively. You can reach Kohima by bus and then take a local taxi to get to either one of these locations.
Where the taxi fare for Jakhama is 40 Rs per person, it is 50 Rs per person for Viswema. It will not take you more than 35 to 40 minutes to get to your desired destinations.
Reaching Dzukou Valley from Viswema
The Viswema trail is about 8kms of motorable road. Hire a local taxi from the highway which will cost you around 1500 Rs. If you are lucky, you can have a chance to hitchhike.
As the road ends, you will have 45 minutes to one hour ling trail that is quite steep and can also be slippery depending upon the weather. After the climb, you will be in Dzukou valley with the nearest rest house about 2 hours distance.
Reaching Dzukou Valley from Jakhama
The motorable road of Jakhama is about 3 to 4 hours long and after that starts the steep climb. The trail will take you another 4 or 5 hours to get a glimpse of the valley. However, the trail is well structured with concrete steps that are much comfortable to walk on than the muddy Viswema trail.
Cost of visiting this Dzukou valley
The entrance cost for this valley is 20 Rs per person for the locals and the people from the nearby villages. The fees for other Indians are 50 Rs per person and get to 100 Rs per person for foreigners. You only have to pay this entrance fee once at the guest house.

Photo of Dzükou Valley by Deepak samal
Photo of Dzükou Valley by Deepak samal
Photo of Dzükou Valley by Deepak samal