The Enchanting Dzukou Valley


Dzukou Valley

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Have you ever questioned what heaven would look like? Well, whereas no one extremely is aware of however the abode of the Gods appears like, one is pretty sure that it couldn’t be higher than the Dzukou Valley. The Dzukou valley, conjointly notable because the “Valley of the Flowers of the NorthEast”, is perhaps one amongst the most important secrets of India. India will have a lots of lovely hill stations and gorgeous landscapes. however it's unlikely that any of those places, but common they may be with tourists, and regardless of however lovely, return even shut matching to the stunning fantastic thing about the Dzukou valley.

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Also known as Valley of flowers of North East

Where is the Dzukou Valley?

The Dzukou Valley is situated right at the border of Nagaland and Manipur, just behind the magnificent Japfu peak. It is located at an altitude of 2438m above sea level. Two of the most beautiful rivers run through the valley – the Dzukou and Japfu rivers, which crisscross the valley as though streams running through an elaborately developed garden.

How to get to the Dzukou Valley?

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Early morning View of Kohima

To get to the Dzukou Valley, you might initially need to get to Dimapur, which is the main place in Nagaland that is associated by flight and prepares to whatever is left of India. . Once in Dimapur, you have to get to Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. The most ideal approach to get to Kohima from Dimapur is by transport, and it takes barely a few hours to arrive, as the separation amongst Kohima and Dimapur is just 74 kms. Once in Kohima, get a private taxi and either get to the Viswema Village, which is 25 kms far from Kohima, or to Zakhama, which is 20 kms away. Both Zakhama and Viswema Village are perfect bases to get to the Dzukou Valley, and you may simply go on a trek from these bases and reach Dzukou Valley following a couple of hours of profoundly lovely trekking. We did our trek in a circuit started from Viswema and ending in Zakhama. The trek itself is the best part of going to the Dzukou Valley. As you stroll through the cleanest tracks, breathing the restoring air, lolling in the sparkle of the splendid daylight, crossing the little streams in your way, you will know right then and there that there is no other place on the planet you would rather be at.

How to enjoy the Dzukou Valley Experience ?

To really enjoy the rarefied atmosphere of the Dzukou Valley, pack enough camping equipment and stay overnight in the valley, amid all the lovely greenery and exquisite

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The Dorm room look like this

scenery. If you wish to carry light then just carry water and reach the rest house. The caretaker shall provide you a dorm stay and food at bare minimum cost. Local porters would gladly carry your bags and camping equipment for you, so you don’t have to worry about carrying so much weight. All that you need to do is to enjoy the lovely sights and feel one with nature, perhaps meditate a little, as you visit the Dzukou Valley, the Valley of the Flowers of the North-East.

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Allow yourself some Peace
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Star Gazing
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Star Gazing
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Enjoy the best sunsets of North East