Kolkata Metro Fares To Increase For The First Time in Six Years!


While a visit to Kolkata is incomplete without devouring its world-renowned roshagullas and street-side pucchkas, a ride on oldest metro system is an experience that ranks equally high among travellers visiting the city. However, the metro authorities have received sanction for the new fare structure from the Railway Board on Tuesday, which will be effective from December 5, 2019 onwards. Here's all you need to know:

Kolkata metro price hike

In light of increasing accidents and mismanagement in Kolkata Metro, the Indian Rail Board has announced that there will be a price hike across the metro system in the city. The hike seeks to combat glaring issues such as inefficiency, poor services and below par risk management.

Revised fares:

The prices have increased by Rs 5, here's a complete guide for your reference:

0-2km: Rs 5

2-5km: Rs 10

5-10km: Rs 15

10-20km: Rs 20

25km and above: Rs 25

The price hike is sure to effect the pockets of daily communters, so here's hoping that the metro system of Kolkata becomes better and more efficient, as promised.

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