Love travelling and worried of budget? read this :) 

Photo of Love travelling and worried of budget? read this :) by Icche Dana

Hello folks,

This is my first ever blog post in Tripoto. I am a graduate research student from India. The scholarship amount we get in India is critically sufficient. ........And I love to travel. So, budgeting and managing the fund is essential for me and so is my first post about. Hope you like it :)

In this social medial-led age its difficult not to get distracted. Whenever you open your Instagram and Facebook account you get posts from your friends regarding restaurant visit, cool gadgets they have bought, swanky dresses and what not !!! It's so easy to start all at once until you realize that you have a limit on your pocket :( This is especially common for us who are within 30s.

Below I am jotting down few points which can help you to manage your budget and keep travelling:

Realizing that you can not afford everything

The first thing is that you have to prioritize and execute it accordingly. It is better if you have a plan about your short trips and long trips. It can help you to calculate the amount you need to travel. Now its not easy to have a list of all the upcoming trips. Many trips are planned in just eleventh hour. So I suggest to have at least a three month probable travel plan.

For each travel plan first you take the account of transportation cost altogether. It is a major part of the entire travel cost. You can divide your transportation cost into major transportation cost and other transportation cost. For example if you are travelling to Koorg from Kolkata then to and fro Koorg and Kolkata is your major transportation cost whereas within Koorg tranposrtation is your other transportation cost. Always research in prior to your travel about which transport is convenient and safe for you and decide accordingly.

Give sufficient time to decide on your stay during the travel. Read the reviews extensively to see whether the hotel/home stay whatever provide facilities exactly what they claim. Also look for the safety, convenience of the hotel. Any compromise may make your travel unpleasant.

Keep a check on your other activities such as visiting restaurant or going for shopping frequently. By limiting these activities you can not only save money to travel more often also travelling I believe can soothe our soul far more than binge eating and shopping.

And my final suggestion which I follow too is keeping some amount money aside from your salary in each month. That amount may be low, but still it can give you feel later that you have some extra money to travel :)

There are some travel budgeting apps available in google play which you can use. I am not mentioning any app names here as I think you can already have a hunch of that.

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

So Keep travelling and fuel your wanderlust

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