Travel expenses, the reality check

Photo of Travel expenses, the reality check 1/1 by Sagnik Basu

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again”

Rationality holds quite the bitter truth where foot losing is accompanied with quite the cash hole in one’s pocket. Travelling for daily bread is something a whole lot of people crave for in their lives but that luxury is not for everyone, but a work line is not something which can abide you from the wanderlust you deserve. For most people, budgeting is the first step to plan a trip and is a way to get excited for the same but many on the other hand have a panic attack and freak out. Well, personalities may differ but budgeting is always better than an awkward phone call back home asking for money.

Budgeting will make sure how much you have and will need during your entire trip. Plotting your limits ironically allows you to realize how much you can spend further and before the trip. The pilot to the assignment must begin with the prerequisites, such as you visa, immunizations and that travel insurance you were planning to ignore. Insuring one’s trip can be done at a very reasonable rate as in today’s world it is a must since people keep on flying from one end to another for multiple reasons. And if you can’t afford the insurance be very sure that the trip is going to be out of your wallet’s grasp as well. Not too different from insuring your house or car, is it? Make sure that your spending on travel gears has something to do with what you need and not just on how deep the fashion bug’s bite is. Necessary camping equipment depending on the type of your trip and a must include power bank would wrap up the rudiments before you chalk out the rest of your budget.

The big spending would be your flight and accommodation arrangements which are a lot flexible now that one has so much to choose from. Be true to yourself and make sure if you are the stay in a hotel type or the nomadic one and accordingly book your rooms. Reserving a four star suite and lying your ass down just for bed time won’t make sense and neither will your lazy body moseying in a hostel, just to save money. Make sure to keep room for an occasional splurge which would allow you to gain that holiday weight or to go that extra mile. No one wants a conscience bound vacation shackling away from the best experiences.

Once you know how much you need, work towards it. Make it a goal and reason to type numbers from nine to five. Budgeting software can come in handy if you find saving tough and get tempted towards futile materialism. A little planning and focus will help you from the haggling and worries about getting ripped off at the cost of your pleasure.

And please do not get a fanny pack to keep all that money in.