Kovalam Tourism and Travel Guide

Recognised across India due to the Kovalam beach, this erstwhile fishing village of Kerala is now a bustling tourist hub. Kovalam’s seventeen kilometer long sun-doused coastline is dissected by three beaches - Lighthouse Beach on the south, the crescent-shaped Samudra Beach on the north and Hawah Beach, right at the centre is where the hippies usually head to for a more laid-back vibe usually found in the vibrant shacks parked on the shore. Surfing is one of the most sought-after things to in Kovalam and finds a place in most of the tour packages. Separately, one can surfboards and body guards at the Kovalam Beach for around ₹400 a day. Tourists can also book tour packages for Kovalam that include the delightful catamaran rides. These ancient boats (only 11 of these are registered) are operated only by local fishermen, using bamboo paddles and usually last anytime between fifteen minutes to two hours.
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Best Time to Visit Kovalam

Peak Season to visit Kovalam is from November to February, when the town ushers in winter. The weather is pleasant with the temperatures going as low as 16 degrees Celsius during these months.

Shoulder Season: Monsoons occur during June and August and Kovalam looks especially beautiful during these months. Be sure to carry an umbrella along if you are visiting during these months.

Off-season: March to May are the months when the tourists start thinning out. Henceforth, the accommodation costs reduce and though the weather is hot and humid, it’s the ideal time to explore the town away from the chaotic crowds.

Budget for Kovalam

For Budget Travellers: INR 600 - 1000 a day

  • Accommodation in hostels and guesthouses: INR 500 - 800
  • Food in local cafes and street eateries: INR 15 - 100
  • Public Transport in buses: INR 20 - 50
  • Sightseeing: INR 10 - 50

For Mid-range Travellers: INR 1200 to INR 3000 a day

  • Accommodation in mid-range hotels and resorts: INR 900 - 1000
  • Food in mid-range cafes and restaurants: INR 200 - 500
  • Local transport in bike rentals and taxis: INR 200 - 400

For Luxury Travellers: INR 4000 and upwards

  • Accommodation in 4* or 5* hotels: INR 3000 and upwards
  • Food in upscale restaurants and bars: INR 700 and upwards
  • Local transport in taxi rentals: INR 2000 and upwards
  • Guided tours: INR 2000 and upwards