An evening in Lyon, France -

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Ever wondered how an evening can let you discover a new place? Enjoy Scrumptious meals and explore the culture around?

Read on to find out how you can..

We landed up in Lyon for a short while on our way to Lucerne and had a handy 6-8 hours to explore the city. This blog is going to be all about Lyon, France- discovering its history, gazing at the spectacular cathedrals and delicious food just within 6 hours.

Defining Lyon city in 6 hours would not be fair to its cultural heritage and charm, but this blog features how best you can utilize the place without missing much.

We started our evening at the Old Town of Lyon. With marvel cathedrals/churches dated thousands of years back.

Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière

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We begin to walk through the old-style narrow lanes of Lyon towards the Fourvière hill, and it was worth it. Fourvière Hill, meaning the 'Praying Hill,' is named because of the immense basilica that resides on top. The best part of this Basilica is the unbeatable view of the Lyon city from the top. You will fall in love within a few seconds and would wish not to go back. Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière built in the 1800s, and it developed over the site of the old Roman setting.

The Metallic Tower of Fourvière

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While you're up gazing from Fourvière Hill, you may also find the Eiffel Tower. In Lyon, it's termed as the Metallic Tower of Fourvière built three years after the Eiffel Tower. As it is placed high on the hill, according to the locals, it is higher than the Eiffel Tower even though it is only 85 meters tall.

Saint Jean Cathedral

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While descending from the Hills, we decided to go back to the old town square and get a quick sneak in the Saint Jean Cathedral - the great pinnacle of the old town. The astronomical clock inside the cathedral which is a perpetual and holy calendar. It is said that the clock is being set to reborn again in 2020.


Lyon has two riverbanks which are a must-see, Rhone and Saone. There are cruise rides available for tourist and beautiful cafes around Rhone to enjoy the scenic view. You can also walk along the Saone river and enjoy the breath-taking sunset.

Saint-Nizier Church

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As the sun started pouring down the hills, and after enjoying the beautiful dawn, we set ourselves to another chapel across the rivers. The evening winds made it difficult for us to capture this beautiful Church, but we did relish it.

After exploring the Saint-Nizier Church on the inside and warming up a little we ventured outside and back to the old town for dinner.

The walk to the old town was one of the most difficult ones, as the cold breeze blowing across the lake made our spine shiver. We did survive the walk and reached the Old town.


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There are many joints in the old town that are famous for Frog legs and Snails and Pork sausages, but since we were not into that kind of food, we ended up eating a meal course with salad, chicken, and dessert which was decent to satisfy the hunger.

We managed to explore Lyon as much as we could in those 6 hours, mostly we saw the historic cultural side of the old town. Can't wait to be back to this city with more time and for sure in the summer time though!