Orchha — History Travel in Madhya Pradesh

4th Jun 2019

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Photo of Orchha — History Travel in Madhya Pradesh by Yuvraj AtharavRaj Singh Yadav
Day 1

Orchha is an Attractive Tourist Destination, located on the Shores of River Betwa. Orchha in Local Language means “Hidden Place”. It is the Village served as the Empires of Bundelkhand amidst the 16th & 18th Century.

Today, Orchha is a Great Place to Chill, Encircled with Forts, Temples & Tombs. The Place is Fascinating a lot of Tourists. Once, You Check-In from the Entrance Gate, You’ll See its Crowned with an Alluring Red, Elephant Headed Lord GaneshaJi, which provides an immense gratification to you.

The place Comprises of very Rare architects & Historical Monuments of which some holds Religious Importance. The offers Rich Heritage and Unique Architectural Styles.

Orchha also highlights the Small Village surrounded by Woody Natural Forest.

Places to Visit

Jahangir Mahal

Jahangir Mahal is also known as Orchha Fort. It was constructed by the Mughals to use it as their Base-Camp and Castle. The main reason behind building this Castle is to make a Stronger Control over Bundela Dynasty. Well, the Fort is a Perfect Example of Mughal Designs and Constructions. The Gates, Domes and Lawns are Large enough to Allow Entry of an Elephant.

Ram Raja Temple

Ram Raja Temple is devoted to Lord RamJi. The Holy Temple has Marvellous Construction with a Marble made Courtyard & Coloured Walls. The Temple holds an Enthralling Religious Importance.

Raja Mahal

Raja Mahal was the Palace, where the Kings of Orchha stayed. The Mahal was constructed in the 17th Century. The Palace has Majestic Towers and Glorious Landscapes with Splendid Architectures all around.


Chhatris are a Set of Majestic Royal Tombs of the Maharajas, sited on the Shores of River Betwa. The Tombs are positioned on a Platform, which provides a Charming Landscape and it can Enhanced when It is viewed from a Bridge, which is on the Opposite of the River.

The Tombs are Lavished with Unique Portraits, which Magnifies the Attraction of more Tourists.

Day 2

Chaturbhuj Temple

In Hindu Religion, “Chaturbhuj” is referred to Lord VishnuJi. The word “Chaturbhuj” describes the Lord with Four Arms. The Temple is devoted to Lord VishnuJi. The temple was constructed in 874 AD, with Splendid Architecture and Consists of a Santorum, Entrance Hall and a Porch.

Day 3

Many Tourists goes for Swimming near the Boat Club, close to Bundelkhand Riverside.

Kayaking in River Betwa

A True-Blu Activity for Adventure Junkies in the River Betwa. The River brings the Kayaker’s besides the Borders of Orchha Nature Reserve, which provides the Kayakers, A Closer Look at some Species of Birds and Animals on the Shores of the Park.

Being on a Kayak, One can Observe Monuments like Chhatris, as it is Tall and Reflect in the Betwa River.

The Charges of Kayaking Course falls amidst Rs. 700–2000, depends on the Sections, You Select and also Depends on the Distance.

Ayurvedic Massages

Amar Mahal and Orchha Resort provides the Soothing and Relaxing Ayurvedic Massages.

Nature’s Trek

One can Explore the Nature y Trekking on 14 KM Long and Rough Trek in Orchha Nature Reserve, encircled by Betwa and Jamni River. The Trekking here is the Best Activity to get one step closer to the Nature and One must go for this Activity. The Trek is Marked and Signposts are Installed. So, No need to Worry about getting lost from the Trek. While Trekking, You can spot some Peacocks, Monekys or even Deers and Turtles can be spotted on the Shores of River Jamni, in RetGhat.

To Grab the Tickets, You can Get from the Office of the Reserve amid 7:30 AM — 5:30 PM.

River Rafting & Boating

It’s a Great place for Adventure Junkies, where One can go for River Rafting and Boating via Boat Club. A Single Raft holds Maximum 6 Persons and would Costs around Rs 1000 / Hour.

To Grab the Tickets, One can go for MP Tourism, Betwa Retreat or Hotel Sheesh Mahal, where Tickets are Easily Available.

City Shopping

You can Buy Collectibles, Bead Chains, Handicrafts, Gemstones and many more. These items are sold by many small shops, which are close to Major Tourist Destinations. Bargaining Skills are Required.

Best Time to Visit

October to March is the Perfect Time to visit Orchha. But Still, You can also Visit Amid the Monsoon Season as Rains are Mainly Average Here.

How to Reach

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Gwalior Airport at a Distance of 124 KM.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is at Jhansi, around the Distance of 20 KM.

By Road : Orchha is Interlinked with Various Major Cities like Gwalior (124 KM), Jhansi (20 KM), Jabalpur (340 KM), Bhind (180 KM), and Many More.

Day 2

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh is a Stunning Garden with Multiple Fountains concluded in an 8 Pillared Palace. Chandan Katora is the place from where the Fountains get the Water Supply in the form of Droplets, via the Roof, creating the Scene like Waterfall. The Kings of Orchha used this Place as a Summer Retreat.

Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal was the Quarters of Queen of Orchha. It is sited in the Fort Complex. The palace is known for Astonishing Architecture, Unique Portraits and Paintings on Walls as well as Ceilings.

Today, This Mahal is a Museum, which holds the Portraits of 9th & 12th Century. Also, This Mahal provides a Mesmerizing View of River Betwa from Inside.

Dauji ki Haveli

Dauji ki Haveli is an Amazing Place, built by Traders or Merchants. Orchha was the Centre of Trading Activities in Ancient Times. The Construction of this Palace is as Enthralling as the Big Haveli, which Preserved Amazing Canvases, beyond the Centuries.

Where To Stay

Stay is Orchha is very Simple & Easy Step. One can Get a Lot of Hotels, from a Budget Hotel to Luxurious Resorts.

Here are Some of the Famous Hotels to Stay:

* The Orchha Resort

* Sheesh Mahal

* Hotel Amar Mahal

* Hotel Sunrise

* Hotel Betwa Retreat

* Hotel Orchha Residency

* Bundelkhand Riverside

Things To Do