Lavasa wish we met before!

Photo of Lavasa wish we met before! by Yajnaseni Panda

Been in Pune for close to 15 years but I haven't been to Lavasa!

Sounds crazy right?

Okay, if you aren't from Pune or Mumbai, you might not get this. Let me explain you all a bit.

Photo of Lavasa wish we met before! 1/2 by Yajnaseni Panda
Towards Lavasa!!

Lavasa is a man-made city. The theme was based on the Italian city "Venice". It was supposed to be India's first privately built smart city. Although the plan didn't work out and the city has been under controversy for years now, but the beauty is worth your time and money.

If you plan to visit Lavasa, the best way I would suggest is going by two-wheeler. The entire hill city is surrounded by ghats, terrains and it gets even prettier during monsoons. It is situated on the Mutha river and constructed in Mulshi Valley.

Things to do in Lavasa:-

If you are an adventure freak, there are many exciting adventures for you in Lavasa.

Listing out a few activities that can be done in Lavasa.

Photo of Lavasa wish we met before! 2/2 by Yajnaseni Panda
Dasve Ghats

1. Food - If you are a foodie then believe me Lavasa will not disappoint you. You can try out some really good restaurants there or even dhabas situated in the main tourist areas. The dhabas are quite pocket-friendly.

2. Camping - Lavasa is a nice place for camping. Staying close to the nature and outdoors, Lavasa is an incredible place for a one-day trip with friends or a romantic getaway.

3. You can try out rapelling, hiking, and biking around in the city.

4. Pre-wedding photoshoots - Known for their scenic beauty, Lavasa has now become a hotspot for pre-wedding photoshoots.

5. There are plenty of places around Lavasa, it lies close to many other tourist attractions around Pune. You can visit Dasve ghats and viewpoint, Tamhini ghat, Tikona fort, Raigad fort, Temghar dam, and Torna fort.

Lavasa you beauty!!!

Photo of Lavasa wish we met before! by Yajnaseni Panda