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26th Jan 2019
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Shivneri Fort: Birth PLace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort Height: 3500 ft.

Type: Hillforts

Fort Range: Naneghat

Grade: Medium

Accommodation Facility: One could make alive on the castle in Shiv Kunj or Ambarkhana. Shiv Kunj is a suitable alternative some of the due to water cisterns is to be had close to it.

Food Facility: Available in Junnar

Drinking Water Facility: Water ponds are to be had on the pinnacle.

Time To Reach: 1 hour from base village.

Shivneri Fort is an ancient military fortification positioned near Junnar that's round 105km from Pune, a metropolis inside the Indian nation of Maharashtra. It is called the birthplace of Shivaji Raje.

History :

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Shivaji's father became popular within the military of the Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur. He became concerned for the protection of his spouse Jijabai at some stage in her pregnancy as there was a regular struggle going on. He consequently moved his circle of relatives to Shivneri citadel. Shivneri is an incredibly defensible region, with steep rocks on four facets and a strongly-built citadel.

Shivaji Maharaj was born on the castle on 19 February 1630 and spent his childhood there. Inside the citadel is a small temple of goddess Shivai Devi, after whom Shivaji turned into named so. He received all of the abilities and schooling in this citadel which he used even as setting up hindavi swaraj (self-rule). He learned the early instructions of Swaraj in this citadel. There are statues of Jijabai and younger Shivaji. In the castle, there are water springs, namely Ganga-Jamuna, which have water at some stage incomplete year.

Shiv Janmasthan:

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This is the area on the castle wherein the delivery of Shivaji Maharaj befell. This place is known as of as Shiv Mandir. Ahead of Shiv Mandir, there's a huge water tank.

Kadelot point :

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This is the location where prisoners had been punished with the aid of throwing them down the castle. This point is at the northern quit of the citadel.

Shiv Kunj :

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Shiv Kunj is a monument constructed by using the kingdom authorities, in honor of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Inside Shiv Kunj there is an idol of Bal Shivaji and Jijabai made of "Panchdhatu"

Kamani Masjid :

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In the front of Shiv Kunj on can see this Kamani Masjid. It might have been named Kamani because the top of this shape is like bow this is referred to as Kaman in Hindi. On the east-going, through the wall, there is an inscription in Urdu.

Ganga Jamuna :

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These are the water cisterns in the back of the Shiv Kunj. Water in these cisterns is potable. On the whole of Shivneri, there are greater than 10 water tanks.

Ambarkhana :

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Every castle wishes to have a warehouse for its garage of grains and meals products. Ambarkhana is the location in which big quantity of grain can be saved. The caretakers right here hold this place very easy.

Tourist Information:

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Now shall we see Shivneri fortress facts for tourists? Every yr, a large wide variety of journey enthusiastic & journey enthusiasts gives a visit to this fortress. This is amongst popular locations to visit near Pune. Trekking at Shivneri is popular amongst hikers.

There are routes to reach the top of the citadel. You can either go through secure stone steps otherwise, there may be also a difficult hiking route. Dams of Yedgaon, Vadaj, Dimbhe, Pimpalgaon, and Manikdoh are positioned around Shivneri. One can get magnificent panoramic perspectives of the surrounding vicinity from the top of the fortress.

One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - Best Time to Visit:

August to February is the correct time to visit this fort. The surroundings stay nice & greener all through this time period.

Places like Matheran, Places like adventure and sports

Eating Stuff:

Carry your very own food and enough water to the citadel. Though some meals alternatives are available nearby for it's far beneficial to hold your own meals.

One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - How to reach

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One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - By Air

The nearby airport to reach Shivneri citadel is at Pune Airport that's positioned approximately 10 kilometers from the town in Lohagaon area. The Indian Airlines operates ordinary home flights that skip via several foremost towns of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. For global travelers, they are able to join first attain to Mumbai International Airport and then home flights can be boarded for Pune town. From the airport, cabs can be hired to reach Shivneri fortress, but it can value a touch pricey.

One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - By Rail

Pune Railway Junction is the nearest railway station; it's miles the main railhead which gives accurate networks on rails that connects other cities in India. There are several trains and expresses which can be to be had from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and lots of extras. For reaching Pune, Deccan Express is one of the quickest trains that depart from Mumbai Railway Junction.

One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - By Road

Several road shipping centers available to reach Shivneri fortress, Regular nation bus, and personal luxury bus services are furnished to and from Pune which passes thru several major cities of India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Goa. From Mumbai town, it at once hyperlinks Pune at a distance of two hundred kilometers. You can pick those buses from outdoor railway station or airport. Despite bus, visitors also can travel by taxi, auto rickshaw, employed automobiles, which may cost you expensive to attain the citadel.

The path to attaining Malshej from Pune is - Pune - Kasarwadi - Bhosri - Chakan - Rajgurunagar - Peth - Narayangaon - a right flip after the bus stand - Junnar - Malshej Ghat. To reach Shivneri citadel, take a left at T-junction in Junnar metropolis.

About Shivneri Fort Trek

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Monsoon was on height and we all friends decided to have a monsoon experience. To revel in the waterfall with the beautiful nature, we determined to go to Malshej Ghat vicinity. I had heard that Malshej ghat on weekend turns into very crowded so we went there on Monday. Shivneri citadel alongside Malshej Ghat is the great mixture to spend a whole day.

Travelers for the day ride had been Yogendra(Me), Anurag, Lalit, Sukchain, Ravindra.

About Malshej Ghat and Shivneri Fort:

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Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It is a well-known vacation spot in the monsoon to experience waterfalls and scrumptious snacks like Vada-pav, Bhajji, and tea. Malshej Ghat is situated in Pune district close to the border of Thane and Ahmednagar districts. It is at a distance of 154 km from south Mumbai closer to the northeast and one hundred thirty km north of Pune. A fine view of valleys is one of the predominant sights here.

Shivneri Fort is a 17th-century military fortification placed near Junnar. It is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the Maratha Empire.

One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - Pune to Malshej Ghat

Photo of One Day Trek To Shivneri Fort - Vacations Adventurous 13/13 by Ritika Tyagi
Day 1

We woke up by 5 am in the morning and left home by using 6:30 am. After crossing Chakan metropolis, heavy rain welcomed us. We took a halt for breakfast at eating place. The monsoon clouds were wonderful busy with their assigned paintings and we enjoyed our automobile journey with heavy rain and melodious songs.

We took a left at Narayangaon and stepped forward in the direction of Junnar town. The circumstance of the road changed into pretty clean. The entire adventure turned into very picturesque with ghat routes, dam and greenery, and too many waterfalls. After crossing 2 small ghat sections, we eventually started with Malshej Ghat. We took our first pit to forestall within the first fall. A lot of meals stalls were selling tea, coffee, corn, egg dishes, and vada pav. The manner to the first waterfall goes via few steps and thru a decrease tier of the waterfall. It's a 2 tiered fall and one of the maximum powerful falls from Malshej Ghat. Another beautiful tiered fall can be seen from right here. We loved q4 after which went ahead to witness extra waterfalls.

We crossed a small tunnel after few km of the drive towards Mumbai aspect. It changed into a lush green mountain meeting the white clouds. You can see many waterfalls to your left. There are plenty of natural waterfalls along the mountains which come straight directly to the road. The fine component for me became using thru a huge waterfall - the complete revel in of being in a car even as it goes through a massive waterfall is thrilling. As we have been at high altitude, the clouds were on the street and this revel in which I love - passing through the clouds. We spend a while round few small waterfalls and had tasty vada pav within the Ghat facet meals stalls.

After clicking pix, we moved ahead towards fortress Shivneri. A 1.5-2 km power from the statue of Shivaji Maharaj takes you to the auto parking place. From this point, nice stone steps are laid till the top. It turned into a consistent and smooth climb. The fort has seven doors - Maha Darwaja, Parvangicha Darwaja, Hatti Darwaja, Peer Darwaja, Shipai Darwaja, Phatak Darwaja, and Kalambaka Darwaja. An interesting fact about those doorways is their huge wood doors fortified with iron spikes. Strong partitions and sheer rock cliffs on three aspects ensured Shivneri turned into nicely protected. We reached the pinnacle after 30-forty minutes of the climb.

You can see a temple of goddess Shivai Devi after Shipai Darwaja. History says that Shivaji Maharaj turned into named after the goddess Shivai. After crossing remaining front, you can see Ambarkhana on the left side. Ambarkhana is the place wherein a big quantity of grain may be saved. This vicinity is quite ruined however nonetheless, you could get a sense for the massive creation. During Maratha rule, it changed into stated to be served as solid for horses and residence for elephants. From this factor, there are 2 methods to explore the citadel. One goes to the hill where you can see Koli Chauthara and edaga. This monument is constructed within the region where Mughals killed thousands of Koli (fisherman) infantrymen within the yr 1650. Another course is going toward Shiv Kunj and Birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj.

We determined to head the second one path. On this route, you encounter a big water trench. It is referred to as Ganga and Jamuna. There are overall 10 water tanks on Shivneri castle. The reason for these water tanks become to supply ingesting water and its miles said to have been constructed at some stage in Yadava instances. After those water tanks, we saw Shiv Kunj that is a monument built by means of the state authorities, in honor of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Inside Shiv Kunj there may be an idol of Shivaji (as a child) and Jijabai fabricated from Panchdhatu (an alloy of 5 metals)

The plateau in the front of the Shiv Kunj consists of the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, Hamamkhana, Badami water tank, Kadelot point, and Kamani Masjid. The birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj is now referred to as Shiv Mandir (Shivaji temple). As we entered in Shiv Mandir, we saw a room which houses a statue of Shivaji Maharaj and a cradle to signify his birthplace. A narrow stone stairway takes you to the top ground. There is an artificially created lake with stone floors and wall named as Badami tank. From here you can also visit Kadelot point where prisoners had been punished by using throwing them down the citadel. Shivneri fort information is also available

As you input the main door, you first come across a room which homes a statue of Ch.Shivaji and cradle to suggest his birthplace. Alongside this room is a narrow stone stairway which causes the upper floor. There are arched windows on all aspects and additionally, the earlier stated jharoka windows). The ceiling is also fantastically accomplished.

Facing the birthplace shape is the 'Badami talao' which became an artificially created water pool. Right in its midst is a stone pillar.

On the manner back you word a tomb-like structure atop a hillock. It is the 'Koli Chauthara', a memorial built for the hundreds of 'kolis' (fishermen) massacred by way of the occupying Mughals after a virus of a rebel(1650). Unfortunately, because of the paucity of time, we weren't capable of seeing the monument. We later realized that we ignored the 'Kadeloat' factor as well, where prisoners sentenced to loss of life had been thrown off the cliff (kadeloat). Alongside the Kadeloat point become the Qaidkhana (prison).

Nor should we see the Idgah structure (which has a few Bahamani graves), as we moved quickly down the stone stairs.

But on the way back we had been capable of an image the sunset which indeed looks stunning from the citadel.

Fortunately going down wasn't as strenuous as the manner up and we reached the foothill within 45 minutes.

Having finished our hard but fulfilling ride, we headed again for Pune, with fantastic memories of Shivneri.

Thanks for Reading. Keep Travelling.

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