The New Normal | #PandemicTravel

28th Aug 2020

The New Normal #PandemicTravel

Photo of The New Normal | #PandemicTravel by TSNP THIRTY SIXTY NINETY PRODUCTION

The place that we clicked this picture is usually flooded with people and today its just us being one with nature maintaining high levels of social distance. Social distancing something I never learnt in my life, yes but this pandemic taught the World the importance of social distancing. We have adapted to the new normal of travelling while maintaining distance and taking necessarily precautions for safety measures. The journey began with the entire thought to enjoy nature, create moments with the task of maintaining hygiene and physical distance. Since we; were travelling out of Mumbai we took extra care that we come in minimum contact with people of the town. 4 friends, 2 cars and 1 journey. Igatpuri was our destination, a 3 hour drive from Mumbai. We merged up in the car 2 people each plus the driver. The first thing which happened in the trip was sanitization. Each one of us carried a bottle of sanitizer, disinfectant, masks, gloves and face cover. We sanitized our hands before entering the car. It was an elbow shake when we first met each other almost after 4 months to express our excitement. We sanitized our luggage and loaded it in the car. And we were all set to enjoy the ride. We made sure we kept the panes low so that the ac stays off. We had communicated no using public urinary facilities by the road. On the way we halted for Chai (Tea), though we had decided we won’t consume anything outside. But the trips in India are incomplete without a group of friends sipping to the hot tea amidst travelling. Never the less, we knew our basic principle of Safety First! We poured the tea in our own cups which we carried as a part of our travel necessity. For food, we packed our lunch boxes from home to be extra careful on hygiene. The driver had his mask onn and his gloves intact throughout. He offered us a sanitizer every time we stepped out of the car. It’s hard to say if this is going to be the future of travels, but it’s always better to stay safe and take care to protect oneself and the health of the one’s around us. The journey taught us that social distancing cannot stop you from living your life and getting connected. It was a new chapter in our travel diary. We had to capture our team mates picture too from a distance. We hope things get back to Normal but in the mean while we request all the travellers to Stay Safe & Maintain Social Distancing. Thank you Tripoto for this wonderful platform!