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The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world upside down. There has been a 'new normal' in 2021 since a majority of people started going back to their previous routines. This new lifestyle includes many precautions, care and some rules like social distancing, night curfew and most importantly mask. The Indian government has taken and implemented all possible rules especially when it came to travelling.

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Initially, in 2020, travelling was not allowed at all but gradually in a later year, people restarted their life, leisure travelling also started. The airlines, railways and hotels all have their safety guidelines for travelers but there are many safety measures that the travelers also have to take. Though some people are still waiting for the vaccine things don't happen overnight. So, now people who are travelling have to take all possible precautions, before and after travel. Like the ones mentioned below:

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safely travel during the covid-19

Before Travel:

Check the COVID Rate: Whichever is your destination you must check the current COVID rate of that particular city or town. If the place has less or no impact at all then you can at least roam around and refresh your mind from lockdown of past months.

Look for Safe Mode of Transport: You can choose to fly or drive as per your chose destination. Though absolute safety measures are being taken by the airlines and railways if the destination can be covered through road then you must hire or drive a personal car. In this case, at least the safety will be in your own hand.

Choose a safe place to stay: A holiday is majorly about a safe and relaxing stay which has just a perfect mattress to sleep and a wonderful balcony view. But in COVID times we need a safe and hygienic place so just look for the best one.

Plan with travel agents: If you are looking for an assured safety throughout the vacation without any hassle then you must plan your trip with travel agents. It is their duty to provide you with the best and safest options whether it is for stay, transport or anything.

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 During Travel:

Wash Hands or Sanitize: The most basic and easiest measure one can take is keeping the hands clean while travelling. This has been said even for any kind of problem that hands are the foremost carrier of any kind of virus. So, carry a sanitizer or paper-soap throughout the journey.

Social Distancing: If you are travelling through plane or train then this is definitely for you. In this situation, we don't have any idea about the person standing next to in queue whether he is infected or not so better to keep 2 meters distance and stay safe.

Watch-out while sneezing or coughing: Another habit that one must adapt in life is to cover up while sneezing and coughing. The micro droplets are the ones that carry the virus and can spread the virus. It is not that you have it but why not to take the habit forever just for hygiene.

Carry your own: During travel, there are many things that are required like soaps, tissues, water and special food. At this time, try to take packed food or home-cooked food as it will save you from random sittings and crowded area.

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Sanitize your Area

 After Travel:

Sanitize your belongings: After the long and exciting vacation try to sanitize all your things as a virus can come in any form on anything so why to take a risk!

Isolation: Last but most important, if you have an elderly family member or young children at home then prefer distance from them at least for a week. As your vacations should have all great memories.