The Walking Thoughts

16th Jun 2018
Photo of The Walking Thoughts 1/1 by Jessi

1. Why can't my mind go silent.. I wish I could wander without thinking about anything.. how do the monks calm themselves..

2. I like silence.. for the very first time, I noticed d sound of wind gushing through my hair.. is this what d poets write about..

3. I can quit anytime.. you are not doing this to prove anything.. but I want to see how far I can go.. I will walk, as long as my feet can go a little further..

4. Is silence the answer to all the problems.. why people talk so much.. or is it me who is going psycho, anti social or dead..

5. What are the water droplets doing to my skin.. I can see them sparkling.. Have undergone numerous spas and cleansing therapies, but never noticed this much glow.. I think the water not only cleanses your body, but also your mind and soul..

6. I want a pizza with french fries and ketchup after I complete this trail.. I deserve it..

7. I'm already feeling that I have not bathed since ages.. The mud is all over my clothes and shoes.. but I feel more myself in this attire..dun know if the 4 walls are home or not..chaos has always been my thing.. how ironic

8. I wish I could do this forever.. I don't want to go back to that real world.. this is my escape..I'm not coward but just tired..

A Loner..