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I can count down 98 reasons why you should plan a visit to Morocco, an other 27 reasons on why you should come back and visit again and again but do I really have to after I tell you Morocco had the best food you can ever eat? Probably not.

This will be a series of food recommendations, providing more details then needed from the perspective of a local. The first part will target street food. For the other parts, we have to wait and see.

I am taking the risk here people, I could of started with an easy simple dish everyone would like but that will be boring right? So what a better way to start then THE perfect snails soup.

Wait, don't pull your tongue out just yet, it's not disgusting it's delicious. I am a picky eater myself. I find a lot of things disgusting including meet, chicken, fish but this beauty right here is just do dam* delicious.

It's called Ghlal or Babouch, it's basically snails cooked with a lot of other ingredients and spices. ingredients I wouldn't be able to count down even if I wanted to but I can tell you this: It's healthy.

The best place to eat this is in the northern cities, it's a mainly a food street meaning you will only find it crowded places of the city.

You will be able to find it around the year but the best time to eat is in cold evenings, it instantly makes every part of your body warm and it's so damn delicious, my heart aches to think I can't have it right now.

It's cheap, cost around half a dollar for a portion. they serve with it boiled potato with cumin and chilly powder. Trust me the combination of both is just "magnifique".

I am not a huge fan of street food myself but this is very safe. it's boils the whole day.

ATTENTION: Please do not have this if you are pregnant as it might lead to miscarriage.

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Photo of Larache, Morocco by Ferdouss Hilal
Photo of Larache, Morocco by Ferdouss Hilal