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In a past trip I posted about a bizarre street food dish, but that's something you can eat between meals. For this trip, i will share with you an other one my favorite: Sandwiches or Bocadillos as some of the local calls them.

No matter where you are in Morocco, you can almost find sandwich shops everywhere but the best place for them is the north, cities like Tangier, Larache, Asilah, Tetouan. The shops usually look like the picture bellow :

Photo of Tangier, Morocco by Ferdouss Hilal

So what is it? It's a Sandwich but not a three ingredients sandwich you might be used to, it's way more then that. You have the choice between different types of meat, chicken and some sea food to which, salad, boiled potato, rice, pasta, pickles, olives, eggs, cheese, sauces, french fries are added based on your choice.

If you ask about my favorite then it will be the Tuna sandwich, it just mixes so well with the salad, cheese, eggs, pickles, french fries and salad.

These shops can be found everywhere and by that I mean everywhere, it might be challenging to decide on which one to choose but here are few tips:

1- Ask the locals: Moroccans are very friendly and they will be happy to lead you to the best sandwich maker in the city, they might even invite you. Don't worry about language barrier, Moroccans are known for their talents with languages.

2- If the above mentioned solution is not an option then the second best thing will be to observe the locals. Always go for the crowded place, it doesn't only mean it's had the nicest food but it means they have high demand so it's more likely that their food is fresh which means healthy.

3- Check for your self, go to different shops and evaluate the cleanness of the place and the freshness of the food since everything is out there.

I can always recommend you a place if you leave in the comment area the city or cities you will be visiting.

The priced are about the same everywhere from 1 dollar to 2.5 dollars.

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