Becoming a Mountain Girl!


Exertion is real! Between shuffling travel, my late school plan and the work load, I, a self-proclaimed master of multi-tasking, have been feeling burned out. When life is in the fast lane, it's okay to take your foot off the pedal and make the most of what's close to home. For me that was a brisk retreat with my friends to Mukteshwar. It was great to reconnect with my friends in the mountains surrounded by nature.

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Peaceful traveling to the mountains!

I had to ensure that I locate a reasonable and a safe stay which is comfortable and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket. After a thorough research, I discovered One Partridge Hill, the best resort in Satoli. It is an autonomously run home stay – simply the kind I would love to stay in. It’s perhaps the best eco-friendly homestay in Mukteshwar and situated at the focal point of rich greenery. A shrouded pearl for relaxation and social event, generally styled house with the most accommodating staff you could want!

Upon reaching, as I stepped inside, I made some extraordinary memories in my stay with the newness of the air and a tranquil view from my gallery. The tranquil area of the lodging was shocking. The neighboring timberlands, lovely heaps of the Himalayas, and the valley are on the whole noticeable from the rooms of the lodging. The dining region is ideal for facilitating your own gatherings and is supplied with all that you might require for your stay with a full time working staff.

Photo of Becoming a Mountain Girl!   2/4 by Soumyaa Rawat
Photo of Becoming a Mountain Girl!   3/4 by Soumyaa Rawat

The space is wonderful and all that you'd envision a mountain cottage to resemble to; overwhelming pine table and seats, and stone tiled deck. Adventures like-wilderness trek, climbs, town strolls, stream picnics, aviaries and bird watching, organic fruit culling, and significantly, kept me closer to nature while I appreciated all of the experiences I did just to name a few.

In case you're searching for some place to have a celebratory feast or occasion, the lodging offers an assortment of arrangements, various food joints and hosts of local cuisines just a mile down south. The food was heavenly; cooked with local ingredients all beautifully presented and astute menu including all delicious options to leave you in a flux of never ending great choices.

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Can I just stay here forever? :(

One Partridge Hill offers something for everybody, regardless of on the off chance that you travel with your family, companions or a significant other. This spot has left a remarkable tint on my memory and I can't wait to return soon. It definitely is the best homestay in Mukteshwar.