15 Flavoursome Snacks Around The World Guaranteed To Make You Drool!


In a battle between three squares meals a day and snacking dead, the latter wins hands down. Do you agree?

The heart clings to these small treats that life offers at the most odd hours. Those who travel often know the soul of any city resides in these flavourful munchies. Mumbai literally stands for the Vada Pao and Pork Scratchings from the UK are a perfection. Let's see what the world has in store for your (whimsical) hunger.

Expedia's sumptuous tour of 15 amazing snacks around the world is a gastrinomic delight. Checkout!

Bowl-out the bowl of soup. NOW. And tell us what's your favourite in the list.

Do you travel for food too? You're not the only one.

Share your foodie travel story here.

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