My First Trip To Mumbai...

30th Sep 2017

2 years back I was in Mumbai and it was my first time there, being a beach lover, I wanted to visit Mumbai beaches, Rains, the people, delicious & traditional Mumbaikar’s food specially the Vada Pav and Big-Big historic monuments. So, this picture blog is all about ” My First Trip to Mumbai “

I started in the early morning and landed there by 9 AM. I was all thrilled to visit there as I heard a lot of stories in Mumbai being the busiest city in India, was thrilled to experience the Mumbai Local Trains, of course, the Vada-Pav and other items. Such thoughts were keeping me thrilled and adventurous one way.

Day 1: We started our trip with some religious places like Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Maha Laxmi Temple, Mount merry church, Hazi Ali Dargah and then ended up with a beautiful sunset at Marine Drive.