Travelling to Mumbai? Top 7 Places to Binge there!! 

Photo of Travelling to Mumbai? Top 7 Places to Binge there!! by Arushi Sachdeva

Having spent more than a decade in the City of Dreams, I have always been a fan of its street food. Be it the sandwiches, dosas, or the quintessential vada pav. In fact, after moving away from Mumbai, I have often thought of going back - especially for a food trip.

So here I went with my partner in crime, and was joined by another foodie couple who have been in the city for quite some time now. Luckily for us, they are as much a foodie and came with their own bucket list.

So in three days we tried as many as twenty different places big and small. And here's the list of my seven absolute favorites.

Pizza Sandwich at Popular Sandwiches

Photo of Popular Sandwiches & More, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Arushi Sachdeva

4. Gurukripa (Sion)

Another iconic joint managed so well that it felt exactly the same even after six years. We visited Gurukripa on a hustling sunday evening and as expected it was packed. Amidst all the chaos and the crowd we came across an elderly gentleman who insisted we stand at a table and he will get us whatever we wanted.

We realised that he was the owner and was genuinely trying to help us. His courtesy and sense of customer satisfaction won us over. His dedication towards his customers even after all these years of running a super successful outlet is inspiring.

Coming back to the food - I always have just one thing there - Samosa Chole served with onion and a tangy chutney, it is so good that I am yet to find something comparable anywhere else. And the whole combo containing two samosas costs only Rs. 35, so you can eat your heart out.

1. Popular Sandwich (Lower Parel)

One of the first places we tried, Popular Sandwiches, is a takeaway joint with an elaborate menu around sandwiches. The best of them is Pizza Sandwich which is basically a round bread stuffed with pizza like filling of veggies and cheese.

Also a special mention to the amazingly soft garlic bread, it simply melted in our mouths. And to top it all, it’s really affordably priced, so no worries there.

2. Jimi’s Burger (Andheri West)

I am not stranger to Andheri, having done my schooling from the area. Jimi’s Burger is a new addition to the already crowded market, and I couldn’t be more glad. As soon as you walk in, you get the feeling of walking inside a burger heaven.

We had a Cheese Tease Burger (Rs. 250) and a Paneer BBQ Burger (Rs. 160) and both were beyond delicious.

The Cheese Tease burger had a cheese mixed with aloo patty and was simply yummy. Combine that with melted cheese, and veggies, you get your perfect burger.

The Paneer BBQ one had a paneer slice BBQ’d along with bell peppers and was topped with purple cabbage slaw which tasted as heavenly as it looks! Their menu is inclusive of taxes and is worth every penny we paid.

3. Joey’s Pizza (Andheri West)

This iconic pizza joint in Andheri has actually been around for more than a decade now. I have been craving Joey’s since the day I moved out from the city and so there was no way I was going back without visiting the place.

The special thing about their pizza is that it contains way more toppings than any other pizza you would have ever had. Combine that with the awesome taste of the toppings and you will get an amazing value for money experience. We had a Mother’s Recipe - Paneer Tikka (Rs. 370) and a Mexican Bonanza Pizza (Rs. 370). Both the pizzas had unique flavours and just thinking of all that cheese and toppings falling off the pizza slices makes me wanna go back.

5. Aharveda

Aharveda was something totally different from whatever food I have had so far. It was completely vegan, and gluten free, yet it was one of the tastiest meals I have had. Though there were quite a few dishes on the platter, what stood out for me was the vegan Buttermilk (made of coconut milk) and vegan Dahi Vada (Made of Peanuts). If you that it’s impossible, go check it out for yourself. For just Rs. 400, you will have an unlimited meal.

6. Anand Stall (Vile Parle) -

The street opposite Mithibai College has been quite popular for its small eateries for a long time now. Not just students, but even tourists and foodies flock the area for some of the best vada pav, sandwiches and dosas.

We had a vada pav (Rs. 20) first and it was a blast of flavors. There was butter and green chutney on the pav, then went in the red dry chutney powder (also known as thecha) and finally the vada. Every bite gives you an exotic mix of spices that you can't resist it.

Next we ordered was a Schezwan Masala Dosa (Rs. 100) which was again heavenly. The spicy schezwan chutney mixed with the Dosa style aloo is the very definition of good fusion food.

7. Sandwich Stall in Thakur College (Kandivali East)

This is the only place in Mumbai which might not be accessible to all. It's a sandwich stall inside Thakur College campus. Back when I was in Mumbai, it was one of my favorite sandwich places.

But many a times the college management does not allow outsiders to enter the campus. Luckily for us, this time when we went, it was almost closing time and we slipped in amongst the storm of students!

The main offering of the place is Masala Toast which is nothing but Aloo Masala topped with lot of fresh vegetables like onion, tomatoes and beetroot, toasted till it's crispy. But what makes it legendary is the red chutney that they give along with the sandwich. It's only for that chutney that I went back to the place even after six years.

What started as a foodie’s fantasy trip, turned about to be an heavenly food experience as I traversed through the city taking a bite out of everything I could get my hands on. There were so many others we tried, cheesecake from Moshe’s, burgers from Tea Villa and Vada Pav from almost every local station we went to! But the ones in this post were the ones I couldn’t get enough of!

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Burgers which were yummier than they looked!

Photo of Jimis Burger - Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Arushi Sachdeva

Most generously filled pizza ever!

Photo of Joey’s Pizza, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Arushi Sachdeva

Vegan Thali at Aharveda

Photo of Aharveda Restaurant, Swami Vivekanand Marg, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Arushi Sachdeva

Yummy Vada Pav at Anand Stall

Photo of Anand Dosa Stall, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Arushi Sachdeva

Cheese Masala Toast at Thakur College Sandwich Stall

Photo of Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Arushi Sachdeva