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Gateway of India

This is the most important attraction of Mumbai and often the starting point of tourists. This was built by the British in the 1913 to mark the visit of George V and Queen Mary to then Bombay. This arch or gateway was inspired from the Triumpg Arc of Italy. This was a place from where most of the tourists from the West started their journeys during the British time. After the Colonial Raj ended, this monument was Indianized and now is a tourist hotspot. the gateway faces the Arabian sea and is also flanked by the beautiful Marine Drive. It is said that the last British ships, when they left India started from here as the British loved this place and it is till now a symbol of their victory over India though the Indians have now changed the notion along with the name of the city to Mumbai. The monument has four turrets and intricate designs on stone blocks to make up the whole structure. the architecture is mainly Indo- Sarcenic with touches of typical Gujrati architectural styles. The Gateway stands strong as the symbol of grandeur of the city as well as the blend of old and modern cultures here.
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Gateway Of India – One of most popular tourist places in Mumbai
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Gateway of IndiaRight from our childhood Gateway of India is a well heard pride of India. But I just got the chance to visit it recently. My visit to the Gateway of India was not intentional, all thanks to foodie me and my friends. This foodie nature actually helped us for good. Our search for Mughalai food ended up in the Baghdadi hotel in Colaba, which is 6 minutes by walking away from the Gateway of India. The Baghdadi hotel is famous for their roti and Mughalai non veg dishes. We reached Colaba by 8 at night and decided to take a glance at the legendary monument and then fill up our tummy. The famous Taj hotel is situated just in front of the Gate of India.The iconic Gateway of India was built to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Mary at Apollo Bundar, when they visited India in 1911.This monument has witnessed an important moment of independent India, the last British ship to England left from the Gateway.Later we went to our most awaited destination, Baghdadi hotel. The owner claims that the eatery has been serving food for the past 125years. It is considered as one the oldest restaurants in Mumbai. It is a small restaurant with immense varieties of food. The funny thing that I found was that the popular Baghdadi hotel that was situated in the metropolitan city of India still don't accept payment by credit cards .Every dishes here is reasonable and more over it is finger-licking. I would personally suggest the epicure to try out this restaurant without any second thought. For more details please check my blog:
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After Hajji Ali the next stop was Gateway of India. It was evening when we reached there. The taxi ride was about 3o min and I can say that it was one of the best rides I have ever had. Passing through Marine Drive, the sun is setting. Sky was orange, sun touching the sea and the orange light coming from behind huge buildings. While traveling to Gateway of India we had chance to see Lata ji’s house, Ambani's house (which has 20 stories and only 5 people live their), Bombay high court, church gate etc.I would like to share one thing, no matter how tired or sleepy you feel while sitting in a taxi don't sleep you'll miss a lot of things. Just see outside it's worth it especially when you are visiting the place for the first time. We reached Gateway of India around 6:30 - 7 PM the sun was set. It's a beautiful architecture, do sit there for a while and enjoy the sea. Also get photographs clicked from the local photographer at the place. I know we may know better photography skills, but still it's a best way to keep memories. We may have hundreds of photographs in our DSLR or mobile phones but this single photograph we can keep with ourselves always. I got one clicked.
Chandni Tiwari
It was almost some two hours for me here. So I called my one friend back from school, he is completing his MBA at St. Xavier's college (yes! Where 'Jaane tu ya jaane na' got shooted). So he came and we went to mcD somewhere near and then I tried some local food while walking towards his college and those foods were yumm!! and cheap at the same time! I tried vada pav (famous thing there! ), Dahi vada, etc. And then we reached the college, I saw a bit of it and left after saying bye to my friend!
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5) Gateway of India
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What have you seen in Mumbai, if you haven't seen The Gateway of India? It is the insignia of the city, and there's no way you can afford to miss this historic site. Originally used as a crude jetty used by the fishing community, the site was renovated in 1924 to its current form. It began to be used as a dropping point for all influential personalities coming to Mumbai via the Arabian Sea.4 PM
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There is many places in mumbai where you can spend your weekend with friends and family. But if you love nature and need relief from hustle life of mumbai elephanta caves are one of the best places for such traveller.Elephanta is an island far away about 10 km from Gateway of india inside the arabian sea. It is famous for it's rock cut caves. Archaeologist believes that caves were carved in 5th or 8th centuries ago. The site is also recognised by UNESCO as world heritage Site that's reason you may find many foreign tourist at site.
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The best way to go around the city is to rent a bicycle so that you can stop at everything you fancy. Taking from the 'gyaan' imparted to me generously by my relative,  I can tell you that Woodside Inn in Colaba (find it on google maps) rents you bicycles. But I chose to drive around in my relatives car, because October was still too hot and humid for me and 11:00 AM looked like noon. The traffic was disciplined and strangely no one was fuming. People here have figured out how to make use of the time spend in traffic I guess.We had a quick breakfast from a small eatery (could not note the name) and headed straight to Gateway of India. The drive was slow, but not boring to an outsider. After a short drive emerges, with all it's glory, the Gateway of India and you know you have reached the heart of the city with a beat that resonates with the thousand hearts who are on the scene. Marvellous!! An architectural delight, The Gateway of India was built in the 1960s and served as the entrance point to dignitaries and common man alike from it's five entry point. Click pictures, and be sure to, because if you don't have a picture of it, you are missing out on a free souvenir.
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THE BOAT RIDEThe boat journey is itself part of the experience, with so many things to see that time flies past. This is one of the few places in Mumbai, where you can see flocks of seagulls at any time of the day!THE ISLANDThe island itself was originally known as Gharapuri. It is believed to have been the capital of the Konkan Mauryas, and the name literally means ‘fort city’. The only village here which is still inhabited is known by the same name. The name ‘Elephanta’ came from the Portuguese, who landed here and saw a huge stone elephant guarding the entrance to the holy cave-shrines. (For those who are interested, this elephant was broken down by the Portuguese who found them, but the pieces have been reconstructed, and the elephant is on display at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum at Byculla)Once we reached the island, there was a mad rush for the toy train. Yes, there is a tiny toy train which takes us to the foot of the hills. It costs Rs. 10 for the return journey, but takes less than 5 minutes, and isn’t really worth all that rush! That means it is really very slow. :pHISTORYThe caves at Elephanta are believed to date back to the sixth century, to the reign of the Konkan Mauryas, who were vassals of the Chalukyas. The island was then known as ‘Sripuri’. Unlike the caves at Badami, which were built for the kings, or those at Ajanta, which were built by monks, the caves here - according to the ASI booklet – were patronized by merchants and traders! The caves apparently looked so impressive, that the Portuguese, who captured the islands in 1540, couldn’t believe that these were the work of human hands! There are various stories told about why the caves and the sculptures were defaced – while some say it was done because the Portuguese thought them to be the work of demons, some say that it was simply an attempt to destroy the Hindu influence in the area. However, it no longer matters WHY the caves were defaced and sculptures destroyed. What is important is to ensure that we do no more damage.The main caveThere are seven rock cut caves in all, but the first is the most important one, and the only one really worth a watch. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, every available wall is covered with images of Lord Shiva in various postures or depicting stories related to him.A little off centre is a huge temple with a lingam inside. There are entrances on all the four sides, with 8 dwarapalakas or guards at the corners. It is an impressive sight, and I had to remind myself that all this had been carved out of the rocks… not built!At one time, this temple may have been the hub of prayers to the Lord, resounding with the echoes of chants and devotional music, but today, this temple comes alive just once a year – on MahaShivaratri – when permissions have been given for prayers to be performed.
Manju Sihag
From marine drive, i took a taxi to gate way of india. I have been here before, lot of times with my brother when i was a kid and i have never seen it to be a quiet place. There are always 2000 people in any direction. You can feed the pigeons, walk around taj hotel, take a horse cart ride or get your picture clicked with this beautiful monument.
This monument was constructed by the British to commemorate the landing of Emperor George V and Queen Mary in India. The boulevard at the front of this architectural wonder is crowded with tourists throughout the year. On the other side of this boulevard is the famous edifice of The Taj Hotels.
The Wandering Wolf
Wow! I just can't express more than this, it just mesmerizes with its amazing beauty. Been here many times, but always as different story to tell
The Wandering Wolf
Built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai, Stands right Next to the Taj Mahal. Both the structure are the coolest. Even this magnificent structures light display changes from time to time. And if you visit it during monsoon., you'll get drenched.
Tanya Jain
A monument beyond which rests the vast Arabian Sea is indeed one of the Gateways to enter into India via sea route. A beautiful piece of architecture standing erect right across the grand Taj Hotel is a popular tourist spot. Film shootings are a very recurrent sight here. There are also ferries which operate during day time and take you to the very famous Ellora Caves. This spot probably comes under 5 best places to visit in Mumbai.
Kushendra Tiwary
Until and unless you are here, you can't reach the caves. So come here first. Take the Boat, Enjoy the Ride.
Ruchi Jain
The Gateway of India is very close to colaba and is one of the most visited place by the tourists here. The Elephanta caves is situated very near to the Gateway and one can use a motor boat to go to Elephanta where the statues of Shivaji and Swmai Vivekanand has been constructed just at the entrance. It looks very beautiful at night and you love the cool breeze here. The most unique element of the place are the pigeons, the photographers who click your picture and instantly give them, the person selling umbrellas, snacks, cotton candy, balloons and chanas for the pigeons. It's one place where you can obsereve so many things.
Neha Dhanani
The iconic structure at Colaba “Gateway of India”, with the sea with a fleet of ferries, it’s beautiful. The roads are wide and nice, in the morning there isn’t much crowd. It’s a nice small stretch for a nice stroll to wake up J. I usually take a few rounds and just see the lovely view.
sneha shenoy
This would be the logical place to begin your tour. After all, you're following in the footsteps of royalty! The Gateway of India is a major tourist hub in the city, which is located at Apollo Bunder Waterfront in Southern Mumbai. This monument was built to welcome King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai and years later, the last horde of British troops left India through this gateway. This is probably the place which will give you the feel of a tourist and after some great pictures and watching the pigeons, you can move on to your next place of visit. Address: Apollo Bunder, behind Regal Cinema and Bombay Museum, near Colaba Causeway Stroll down the seafront and check the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Overlooking the Gateway of India with a panoramic view of the bay, the Taj has played an intrinsic part in the life of the city, hosting Maharajas, dignitaries and eminent personalities from across the globe.
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Beautiful views of the city
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Gateway of India was constructed to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Mary at Bombay in 1911. Hence, rightly called "Gateway". It now stands as a symbol of the city itself.
The caves can be reached from Gateway of India in a ferry. The ferry services starts around 8:30 - 9:00 am in the morning and costs 150 per person for to and fro.