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Gateway of India

This is the most important attraction of Mumbai and often the starting point of tourists. This was built by the British in the 1913 to mark the visit of George V and Queen Mary to then Bombay. This arch or gateway was inspired from the Triumpg Arc of Italy. This was a place from where most of the tourists from the West started their journeys during the British time. After the Colonial Raj ended, this monument was Indianized and now is a tourist hotspot. the gateway faces the Arabian sea and is also flanked by the beautiful Marine Drive. It is said that the last British ships, when they left India started from here as the British loved this place and it is till now a symbol of their victory over India though the Indians have now changed the notion along with the name of the city to Mumbai. The monument has four turrets and intricate designs on stone blocks to make up the whole structure. the architecture is mainly Indo- Sarcenic with touches of typical Gujrati architectural styles. The Gateway stands strong as the symbol of grandeur of the city as well as the blend of old and modern cultures here.
The next stop for me was Gateway of India, If you are exploring with my itinerary, you need to go to Dadar station/Mahalaxmi station from Ashok vada pav/Siddhi vinayak temple. These stations are nearer to these places and you need to get down at Churchgate railway station in order to visit Gateway of india. From Churchgate station you can go by autos/sharing cabs/cabs.
Baidehi Ghosh
My next stop was the Gateway of India. It was at a short distance from Church Gate. It is located opposite to the Taj hotel and hosts a conglomeration of tourists, locals, street vendors and most importantly, enthusiastic photographers. There were large flocks of pigeons all around which transported me right into Bollywood movies starring ShahRukh Khan. The place was beautiful. It overlooked the Arabian sea where ferries were commuting. There was a sense of tranquility amidst all the chaos of the people. I sat there for sometime watching the sea and the people all around.
Yasmin Mirza
Gateway of India : Let's start with the most iconic structure of the city. This arch monument built during the 20th century. This is Located opposite the Taj Mahal Palace. Gateway was a symbol of the "power and majesty" of the British empire. You can take a ferry ride in Arabian Sea which is quite popular. From the ferry you can travel to the Elephanta cave.Entry Fees : FreeVisiting Time : Open 24 hrsBest Time to visit : Evening
@diti $rivastava
We reach that place from where we have to take ferry.
Sakshi Chaudhary
We started our trip with a beautiful sunrise and the seagulls engulfing our ferry. Seagulls are known to be an intelligent species of birds. The birds here stand true to their trait and have developed skills of getting clicked by the travellers and often wait for the tourists to feed them some food. I would suggest you to take the first ferry which is at 7:00 AM as it is less crowded and you will also get to witness a beautiful sunrise.