6 things to do in Gokarna

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Gokarna is a nice little beach town situated some 700 km from Mumbai. You can Reach there by bus or train.I would prefer the bus as an overnight journey and you are in gokarna,but the train you have to change a few modes of transport before you actually reach Gokarna.Now once you reach there what are the things you can do read on to find out.

1.The Beach trek.Situated 1 and 1 1/2 kms away from the actual town are situated the beaches of Kudle, OM, Half moon and Paradise.All these beaches are interconnected and a trek through these beaches starting from Kudle to paradise is one of the things that must be done once you are in Gokarna. It isn’t a strenuous trek and can be covered in half a day.

2.Exploring the by-lanes of the quiet gokarna town. Gokarna is a small place and it ends before it even begins.travelling to the by-lanes and exploring gokarna on foot and spending time roaming in the town and getting to know the villagers and travelers.

3.Try the food and stay in a cottage.Staying in cottages for as low as 200 Rs for a Day and cheap food is what you will enjoy if you are staying at one of the beaches.There is also a lot of variety of food to choose from and it is tasty.Alcohol costly.So if you are looking for cheap alcohol and a party scene you should be heading to Goa.

4. Murudeshwar: Situated at a distance of 80 km from gokarna is Murudeshwar a 2 hour bus ride and you reach Murudeshwar. It is famous for the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue and also for the Murudeshwar Temple.The View from the top of the temple gives you a awesome 360 degree view of the whole place.A Day can be spent here enjoying the sights and sounds of the festive atmosphere present throughout the day.

5.Relaxing: One of the Best things about Gokarna is the away from the world feeling, you can just go there and stay for as long as you want and you wont get bored enjoying the sunsets, doing yoga, playing games at the beach ends up making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

6.Shopping: Last but not the least shopping.Ranging from bags to musical instruments to accessories and clothes you ask it an they have it and that too at cheaper rates if you know how to bargain that is.

All in all it is a wonderful place to spend those long weekend holidays and to be away from the crowds and enjoy the clean and quiet beaches.

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