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This is a small pilgrimage town on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is mainly known for the two beautiful temples. Out of these, the Murudeshwara Temple is most famous with the second largest Shiva Statue in the whole world. The statue is on top of the temple and the temple is also dedicated to Murudeshwara, another name of Lord shiva. This statue credit goes to a veteran businessman and a philanthropist named R.N. Shetty. There is also the world's highest gopuram here which is 20 storey high. The whole temple is extremely modernized except the main sanctum which is made of stone and is dark.
Ronak Vora
It's recommended to hire a car for the first day of trip if traveling in group. You can book your car on from Murdeshwar. The second largest statue in India of Lord Shiva is set in a breath-taking landscape atop a hill surrounded by the Arabian Sea. There is a spectacular 20-storeyed gopuram with two large elephants in the temple, all insta-worthy monuments. Swimming, boating, and parasailing are the activities you can partake in here at Murdeshwar Beach.
Chaitali Chatterjee
Now its turn for another adventures location - Murdeshwar for Scuba Diving. Murdeshwar is also famous for massive Lord Shiva's statue just beside the sea. Reach Gokarna Railway station which is around 12km from Trippr hostel, book the Mangalore train which takes 90 mins to reach Murdeshwar. If you are hiring a bike, you can take the ride which is ~80km from Gokarna.
Kitty Iyer
We drove further down the coast by about a 100 km and reached Murudeshwar. We saw the sunset at Murudeshwar beach and got back to Kapu. We fell asleep to the sound of the waves and the rustle of the coconut trees.
The road to Gokarna from Mysore passes through Kodagu district which unfortunately had dealt with heavy landslides recently. So we were quite slow in our journey. Our first stop was Murdeshwar temple, world's second tallest Shiva statue. It was around 06:00 when I woke up to this view