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This is a small pilgrimage town on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is mainly known for the two beautiful temples. Out of these, the Murudeshwara Temple is most famous with the second largest Shiva Statue in the whole world. The statue is on top of the temple and the temple is also dedicated to Murudeshwara, another name of Lord shiva. This statue credit goes to a veteran businessman and a philanthropist named R.N. Shetty. There is also the world's highest gopuram here which is 20 storey high. The whole temple is extremely modernized except the main sanctum which is made of stone and is dark.
Apurva Chaudhary
This is the story of enticing Lord SHIVA temple-the main attraction of Murudeshwar(Karnataka), surrounded three sides with the Arabian sea. This temple is built on Kanduka Hill with a scenic beautiful architecture. This temple has the world’s second-tallest lord shiva statue with a height of approx 123-feet(37.49 meters). There is a lift installed in the 20-story gopura, so anyone can go to the 20th floor and see the mesmerizing views from the top floor (Lift Charge 15rs/ person).
Pooja Khandelwal
A day trip to MurudeshwarMurudeshwar is a town lies on the coat of Arabian sea, famous for Murudeshwar temple and the world's second largest statue of ShivaThe town is very famous as a worship place amongst locals and tourists alike with a very crowded but a golden sand beach. We really enjoyed a day visit here, exploring the famous temples which itself takes around couple of hours to walk around.Its an hour drive from Nirvana beach, but definitely worth a visit
Around 4-15 p.m I reached Murdeshwar railway station. It was a small station with very few trains stopping there. There were few auto rickshaws outside the station, which was on the side of NH 66. The auto charged 40 Rs to Murdeshwar beach which was around 2.5 km from station.
Sachin Mishra
MurudeshwarThe Gigantic Shiva The breath-taking effigy of Shiva in Murudeshwar is a popular one. This figure is said to be the second tallest Shiva statue in world after Kailashnath , Mahadev Statue in Nepal.
Paras Pandya
Day 5 : Gokarn - Murdeshwar - Udupi - Kozhikode ( 465 km)Hitting the road on an epic adventure is one of the best feelings.There's a lot to see along the way. Some of the best sights are the ones you haven't even planned , either. That's what makes road trips so special."The road is there. It will always be there. You just have to decide when to take it."1. Murdeshwar beach2. Murdeshwar Temple3. Krishna math4. Udupi5. Kozhikode#beardbaba #beardbabap3 #traveladdict #traveller #travelphotography #travelrealindia #untouched #instagood #realindia #travelbloggers #happyme #enjoythemoment #roadtrip #carlovers #keepgoing #royaltouch #royalbhudev #baba #style