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This is a small pilgrimage town on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is mainly known for the two beautiful temples. Out of these, the Murudeshwara Temple is most famous with the second largest Shiva Statue in the whole world. The statue is on top of the temple and the temple is also dedicated to Murudeshwara, another name of Lord shiva. This statue credit goes to a veteran businessman and a philanthropist named R.N. Shetty. There is also the world's highest gopuram here which is 20 storey high. The whole temple is extremely modernized except the main sanctum which is made of stone and is dark.
MURDESHWAR (Murdeshwar is a town in BhatkalTaluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India.The origin of the name "Murdeshwar" dates to the time of Ramayana.Well if you read the story of Atma Linga, you will get to know the significance of this palce.....)So after getting down be booked rooms for kept our bags and freshened up and were ready to go on beach, but it started raining heavily and it only lasted for 20 minutes and we were on the beach to play.We still decided to play without even caring about the rain for an hour and half.So after again getting freshened up we went to the famous Murdeshwar temple built on Kanduka-Giri .Well Lord Shiva's statue built in Murdeshwari 123 feet tall making it the second highest statue of Lord Shiva.....With waters surrounded from three side of Arabian sea which is just mesmerizing and so beautiful.Also with a 20 storey gopura constructed at the temple allowing visitors to reach the 20th floor through lift and enjoy the scenic view all around.It was 11:30 as we completed the darshan of lord shiva and explored the Kanduka-Giri.So we had our breakfast and planned to visit Apsarkonda Falls in Honnavar which was 25 kms from Murdeshwar and booked an auto for 600rs with return.
We started early in the morning for Gokarna, Murdeshwar was our first stop. Murdeshwar is famous for the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue. The view from the temple is mesmerizing and very soothing. There are a lot of options to stay and eat here. One can have a one day halt here also if planning for a long trip. We had lunch by the sea at one of the restaurants in the temple premises, after which we started towards Gokarna. There is one hidden gem en route Gokarna, just 15 km before it - Mirjan Fort. This is a deserted fort in the middle of the forest. Time has covered it with green moss making it picturesque. The fort is not known to many and hence less crowded, so you can explore it in peace.After visiting the fort we headed to Gokarna, We stayed at Zostel which has many options ranging from Dorms to Cottages. It is situated at the top of a cliff with the sea on one side and the view is spectacular from the Zostel Cafe aka Mantra cafe. After taking a power nap and relieving the tiredness we headed for the Paradise beach to enjoy the sunset. Most of the beaches in Gokarna are rocky beaches and you will get to see various rock formations all over. After chasing the waves away at the beaches we headed back to Zostel and spent the rest of the evening at Mantra Cafe with groovy songs playing in the background. By late evening we could hear the roaring of the waves, star gazed sky, and a lot of crickets buzzing. Far away from the horns and sirens, it was nature talking to us.
Apurva Chaudhary
This is the story of enticing Lord SHIVA temple-the main attraction of Murudeshwar(Karnataka), surrounded three sides with the Arabian sea. This temple is built on Kanduka Hill with a scenic beautiful architecture. This temple has the world’s second-tallest lord shiva statue with a height of approx 123-feet(37.49 meters). There is a lift installed in the 20-story gopura, so anyone can go to the 20th floor and see the mesmerizing views from the top floor (Lift Charge 15rs/ person).
Pooja Khandelwal
A day trip to MurudeshwarMurudeshwar is a town lies on the coat of Arabian sea, famous for Murudeshwar temple and the world's second largest statue of ShivaThe town is very famous as a worship place amongst locals and tourists alike with a very crowded but a golden sand beach. We really enjoyed a day visit here, exploring the famous temples which itself takes around couple of hours to walk around.Its an hour drive from Nirvana beach, but definitely worth a visit
Chaitali Chatterjee
Now its turn for another adventures location - Murdeshwar for Scuba Diving. Murdeshwar is also famous for massive Lord Shiva's statue just beside the sea. Reach Gokarna Railway station which is around 12km from Trippr hostel, book the Mangalore train which takes 90 mins to reach Murdeshwar. If you are hiring a bike, you can take the ride which is ~80km from Gokarna.