The story of wrong boots!

15th Jan 2021

while creating the itenary for Theog and Narkanda, I was aware of the fact that I might get to experience the snow. I ended up buying snow shoes (warm n waterproof )from Decathlon with the thought of hiking with right set of gears. Upon reaching Narkanda, I was excited as a kid to see the mountains covered with snow.

Just before the hike, there were hawkers giving boots on rent. While interacting with them , they told me my shoes were not a perfect fit for the hike. Parallely in my  head I was just thinking about creating snow angels 😂😂. Since I was clearly blindsided by this creative thinking of mine, without a second thought I agreed to get the rented boots for the hike. Renting boots made a teeny tiny sense at that time coz it would keep me dry till my knees and Snow Angels would have been a great hit!
There were hardly any options of boots and tbh I did not even put my brains into choosing the boots which would at least go with what I was wearing 😂 . I took the ones infront and started with the hike.

After walking for about 20min,  got a place with a scenic view, someplace which was so quite and yet so pretty.  I posed n got some pictures clicked and to my surprise it was a blunder, all thanks to my pink boots😂. i am sure after seeing the pictures you would agree with me. The hike was awesome, i mean the fresh air literally did it's magic on me. reached the hatu peak in about 1.5hrs. played with snow all my way up.The way back was the worst. i kept sliping on the snow every now and then. some of the snow had melted, some got mixed with mud and it was all mushy. there was a point where i was literally scared of walking back but had to gather some courage coz there was no other option.

moral of the story: never agree to what the other person is selling especially boots coz it hurts a lot when u slip on ice😂. i learnt it the hard way!

Photo of The story of wrong boots! by TravelWithMyFork
Photo of The story of wrong boots! by TravelWithMyFork
Photo of The story of wrong boots! by TravelWithMyFork