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This Mera Peak itinerary is designed to give you the best experience of a combination of the Khumbu region trekking and one of the favourite peak climbing in the region. The upside about the Mera peak climbing is that it is technically less challenging than any other trekking peaks. Yet, peak climbing is naturally more physically demanding than trekking along with it. The prior climbing experience is a bonus for Mera Peak climbing. There is a whole lot of knowledge required to use the climbing gear and pieces of equipment. You can enjoy the thrill as you gain one of the rarest experiences of human life from the safe and sound guidance of the expertise of our official Sherpa guides, born and grown in the high Himalayas. Feel free to share and explain your health conditions and need to acclimatize if you are experiencing anxiety or any sort of problem.

The route of trekking and the summit

Mera peak climbing is a beautiful climbing experience that takes you to the Khumbu region of Nepal. After a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, the climb follows a separate path to Mera Base Camp. There is a direct route to the base camp via Zatrwa La pass, but we take a longer way that would help us acclimatize well before the ascent. We head south from Lukla to enter into the Hinku valley. The path is very charismatic with stunning views of mountains, valleys, glaciers and mountainous terrain on sight. Later, the trail returns to Zatrwa La pass. Then we cross the pass at an elevation of 4600 meters and head towards the Mera Base Camp. From the base camp, we follow the instructions of our climbing leader and head towards the summit of the Mera peak. It's truly an inspiring journey to the top.

How difficult is Mera Peak climbing?

Mera peak climbing is one of the strenuous climbing peaks in the Everest region of Nepal. Popular with the tag of - the highest trekking peak, Mera peak is not a joke! Though non-technical, it takes us above 5000 meters, which is a very high altitude where nothing can survive. The temperature is cold, and the weather is unpredictable. Likewise, the thinness in the air makes us hard to climb. It's essential to acclimate your body well before ascending the peak. On the off chance your body can't adjust to the thin air, it might turn fatal.

Even though Mera peak is one of the toughest climbing peaks, a regular practice, proper acclimatization, good body stamina, and the will power to climb up is the key to a successful ascent. It takes climbing up via a harsh and challenging topographical condition. Hence a proper preparation for the climb is essential. To acclimatize yourself in the high altitude, we will trek from Lukla to Khare and rest a day at Khare. Then, we travel to Mera Base Camp and summit the peak on the next day. Additionally, Heaven Himalaya's prepared Sherpa guide will furnish us with an essential mountaineering preparation before the actual climbing of the Mera Peak.

Best time to climb Mera Peak

Generally, late April to May and Late September to November is recommended for Mera Peak climbing. Moreover, for the best climbing experience, make sure that you climb the peak in May or October. Climbing up the summit in winter may cause you to deal with colder conditions. Many don't prefer cold weather, and it is difficult to walk in the thick snow.

Why Heaven Himalaya for Mera Peak Expedition?

Heaven Himalaya offers you the best package for Mera Peak climbing to make this lifetime experience a safer and memorable one. We are a professional and experienced travel operator. Our staff is appropriately prepared in mountain emergency treatment and ascending and trekking. We focus on the quality and well-being of our clients. If you want to climb other peaks, then we have similar climbing packages for , , designed to meet your interests. We guarantee extra fun adventure with our friendly and cooperative team. Moreover, our services for food, accommodation, and others are of exceptional quality.

We want you to be successful, and we are here to help you in conquering Mera Peak. Book your Mera Peak Climbing now.

Happy Climbing!!

Please find the 19 days itinerary of Mera Peak Climbing here. It's a trekking journey that ends with a climb to the Mera peak.

If still, the above-listed itinerary doesn't suit your requirements and the days for your vacation leave, then please contact us here. We can help you design your own plan to climb Mera Peak.

Mera Peak Kit List Mountaineering Harness Descender, ascender/ Jhumar Screwgate Karabiners Slings Crampons Walking Axe Harness Climbing Helmet An altimeter or a GPS Watch Mountaineering Boots Prussic Loop Snow Bars Ice Hammer Ice Screw Ropes

Besides, here's our clothing and other requirements for trekking .

Note: You can rent or buy the above equipment in the streets of Kathmandu.


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