9 Things You'll Never Hear Travellers Say in Delhi


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Staring at Delhi’s polluted yet addictive skyline from the balcony of a multi-storied building is a mesmerising affair. The different colours of this playground are always on display, offering diverse portraits of the behemoth population menacing around, celebrating life or just teaching the Gods up in the sky the sacred art of chilling.

While it would be wise to say that one can expect the unexpected when strolling the streets of the capital, some things are still far from becoming a reality in Delhi. Digging out a few of these impossible events, here’s a list of things you’d probably never hear in Delhi. Or at least not in this life!

Ghaziabad is the new South Delhi

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Ghaziabad was just awarded the most polluted city in the world. The place beat Delhi in terms of pollution! Need I say more?

Old Delhi’s kebabs aren’t that good anymore.

For a die-hard foodie, these words are blasphemous! Old Delhi is and forever will be the epitome of the best food ever cooked. Period.

I’m going to take the bus to work today.

A bus? In Delhi’s traffic? To reach the office on time? Not happening even in my worst nightmares!

Sarojini’s rates have really shot up.

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Whaaat? Millions of fashion influencers in Delhi will go jobless if this happens. This place defines the Great Indian Sale better than any online store!

T2 is India’s best airport terminal.

Wait… does a T2 actually exist?

Pehle aap (after you).

Be it a metro or a queue at the cineplex, it’s always ‘Screw the line, the turn is mine!’

Sorry, it’s my fault.

Error 404: ‘Sorry’ not found. Did you mean ‘Tu janta nahi mera baap kaun hai!’ ? (You don’t know who my father is!)

Let’s spend the weekend on a beach.

Dying lakes, scorching sun and a whole lot of dirt to breathe in - forget the beach, let’s drink the weekend away!

Let’s go for an open-roof drive today.

A ton of makeup, a bunch of hair products and the perfect look for the day, only to let the smog-ridden wind into my hair (and lungs)? I don’t think so!

The city hasn’t been in the news lately.

Concerts? Check. Road rage? Check. Unusual nuisance? Check. Someone is always working hard to keep Delhi alive in the media!

There isn’t much street food to look forward to.

There are a million ways by which one may die on Delhi streets and hunger is none of them! Overeating is!

I can finally walk alone on the streets in the dark.

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Hahaha! Sshh… did you hear that? Is someone following me? I better run!

I feel so lonely in Delhi.

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Are you a guy? Try clubbing. Are you a girl? There’s probably someone stalking you right now. In short, you’re never alone!

I don’t feel anything when I’m in Delhi.

Photo of 9 Things You'll Never Hear Travellers Say in Delhi 14/14 by Samarth Arora
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The phrase ‘Dilli dilwalon ki’ (Delhi belongs to those with heart) exists for good reasons. Good or bad, Delhi will leave you drenched in unforeseen emotions.

Delhi in all its glory is a place not to be taken lightly. The overwhelming vibrancy, the quaint alleys and the eventful nightlife can sweep anyone off their feet, leaving little time to gasp. When in Delhi, live life by the moment and always stay on your toes. As comforting as it is hurting, Delhi never seizes to amaze even for a brief moment. And that’s something you’d hear very often!

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