A Day In Darjeeling..

3rd Sep 2016
Day 1

Towards the end of July, I stepped into the mesmerising paradise of North-East India- Darjeeling. There was this wet green breeze that brushed my face as I peeped out of my moving car which was cutting through the clouds. Everything seemed so fresh, so untouched, so pure, so serene like a virgin. The tea gardens, the palm leaves and the occasional drizzle falling from the clouds was adding to the beauty. Entering the city, the British era railway track took me to the pages of Rabindra stories, one of the greatest authors India has given to the world. I halted at the small hideout serving Dargeeling tea and Maggie..this all time favorite food combo never tasted as great as it tasted that day. The simplicity of the locals reverberated the chords of humanity which is seldom seen in metros like Delhi where i belong to. Checking in my hotel room, it was a warm welcome by the hotel staff. I was lost in some third world as i sipped the welcome tea and looked outside my room's window the curved lanes, the walking clouds, the pearl droplets on the fresh leaves. A day indeed got registered as one of my most precious trip memories.

Amidst the greens!!

Photo of A Day In Darjeeling.. by sonia