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If you are a Delhiite and planning to hang out with your gang, then you are in the right city. The capital of India is one of the best places to enjoy with friends. But, wait, you may get confused in deciding where to enjoy with friends in Delhi. It has a diverse range of places when it comes to hanging out with friends. So we are here to guide you and plan your best day out with friends. In this article, we have listed down all the crazy, beautiful, and amazing places to visit in Delhi with friends. So, if you give 5 minutes of reading to this article, you might end up planning a great weekend with your friends.

Do Not Miss Out On These Ultimate Places To Visit in Delhi With Friends

Connaught Place

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Connaught Place

When talking about the best hangout places in the capital of India, the first thing that comes to mind for everyone is Connaught Place. The place is better known as CP by many Delhiites. It is a renowned place in Delhi for casual walks, hanging out with friends, going on dates, etc. CP is famous for its Georgian-style architecture. At CP, you will find amazing cafes and nightclubs and two vintage theaters, PVR Rivoli and PVR Plaza. The place is always jammed with youngsters.

Not just cafes and casual restaurants, CP is also famous for its market. Here you will see Palika Bazaar and Janpath Market. If you are good at bargaining, then you can find some amazing decoration items for your home at a really good price.

Hauz Khas Village And Fort

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Hauz Khas Village

Moving to the south of Delhi, you can delve into the historical ruins of Hauz Khas Fort. Hauz Khas Fort is located alongside Hauz Khas village and is a blend of history and the modern world. Here you will find a street where you can shop and purchase craft items and clothes. Also, Hauz Khas village is famous for its lavish cafes. Some of the Cafes have a good outside view of a lake present inside the Hauz Khas fort.

Khan Market

Khan market is one of the oldest markets in Delhi. It is a classy and expensive market mostly loved by diplomats and foreigners. This famous market is a popular shopping hub for many people living in Delhi. You can find shops offering home furnishing items, book stores, boutiques, florists, brand showrooms, and lifestyle stores. Even after so many years of its foundation, Khan Market did not lose its old essence. The architecture of this market gives a perfect glimpse of Lutyens' Delhi. This high street market is also famous for its impressive bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. If you are with your friends, you can have a good time strolling on the streets of this market and enjoying food and shops alongside.

India Gate

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India Gate

India gate is one of the most historically significant monuments located in central Delhi. India gate is originally a war memorial built to honor the martyrdom of the Indian Army soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the First World War. It was built by Martin Lutyen; construction was started in 1921 and ended in 1931, and inaugurated by Lord Irwin.

India Gate is a go-to place for every Delhiite. People love to visit this place and take pictures in front of the India Gate. One can also find a lot of foreigners strolling around India gate. In the year 2019, Govt. of India inaugurated the National War Memorial on the campus of India gate, honoring the sacrifices of the soldiers who attained martyrdom post-independence. You can go to India Gate and take a lot of pics with your friends at Rajpath, National War Memorial, and in front of the main monument. India gate is near to CP, and that is what makes it one of the best places to hangout in Delhi with friends as you can enjoy a good time in Connaught place after visiting this historical monument.

Malls Of Delhi

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Malls In Delhi

Delhi is not all about historical monuments and ruins. The capital has also paced itself with the changing modern world. One can find the best malls in Delhi and NCR regions. There are various sumptuous malls in different parts of the capital which are not just for shopping. Yes, you heard it right. If you are searching for some good places to visit in Delhi with friends, then you should keep the malls of Delhi on your list. Delhi malls have a great ambiance, lively themes, and versatile food courts. You can spend a whole day roaming from one section to another section of the mall and enjoying good food altogether. Select City Walk, DLF Promenade, Mall Of India, DLF Emporio, Ambience Mall, etc. are some of the best malls to check out in Delhi.

Amusement Parks And Water Parks

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Water Park

Scorching summers make amusement and water parks one of the best places to visit in Delhi with friends. Delhi NCR regions have some impressive water parks and amusement parks in different areas. World of Wonder, Adventure Island, Appu Ghar, and Fun and Food village are some of the best water parks one can visit during the summer season. Even if you plan to hangout with friends in winter, you can enjoy other rides as well in these amusement parks. So, if you want to enjoy with friends to the fullest, do not miss out on these amusement parks in Delhi.

We hope you have got some great insights about the places to visit in Delhi with friends in the upcoming days. Now, plan your outing, share good laughs, enjoy with your friends, and do share your experience in the feedback section. Also, if you find some more places in Delhi, then you can share your experience with us. For more interesting articles about various destinations and places, keep visiting Travelist.

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