KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali.

3rd Apr 2019
Photo of KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali. by Juhi Chakravertty

Last week, when I was looking and searching for a new place on google and YouTube in order to explore something fascinating and alluring place in New Delhi. I came across a restaurant named Ardor 2.1 which is situated at Connaught Place : The Heart of Delhi which serves the India's Largest Thali-"KhaliBali Thali".

Photo of KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali. 1/5 by Juhi Chakravertty

The restaurant name Ardor 2.1 not only attracted and captivated my mind and thoughts but also made me curious that "Does the ambiance of the place will be similar as the name suggests...??" Because the meaning of the word signifies great enthusiasm, feeling, and passion.

So.....I gave it a shot.....!

On the 3rd day of April 2019, I planned a visit to this restaurant with my brother, childhood friend, and college mate to experience the India's Largest Thali. We reached there at 3:00 P.M. in the afternoon hours and the sun was shining brightly and splendidly because of the spring season.

As we stepped inside the restaurant, the interiors of the place was so ravishing and enchanting. The entire restaurant was carefully designed with an amazing arts inside it which provides a treat to the customer's eyes as well as to their palate. So as my friends and I got settled down without even having a look on the menu of the restaurant, we ordered KhaliBhali Vegetarian Thali. The thali offers dishes in both the varieties Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian delights. So just choose your option and comfort of delight. In the meantime after the order got placed, I clicked pictures of the place and a group selfie as well.

Photo of KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali. 2/5 by Juhi Chakravertty
Photo of KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali. 3/5 by Juhi Chakravertty

The order was right on the table at 3:20 P.M. and the thali was so huge. The king of the thalis was right in front of my eyes and it was so captivating. As the Universal truth says, "Everything lies in the eyes of the beholder". I clicked as many pictures as I can of this huge thali. The size of the thali is so big that it almost take more than 4 people to finish it properly and completely. The thali is 56 inch in diameter with the total weight of the thali is 13 kg and net weight of the food is over 8.2 Kgs approximately.

The Vegetarian KhaliBali thali includes more than 32 cuisines such as Hara Bhara Kabab, Dal Makhani, Dal Tadka, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Malai Tikka, Kadhai Paneer, Malai Kofta, Soya Chaap, Boondi Raita, Variety of Veg Kebabs, Dahi Bhalle, Masala Bhindi, Classic Aloo Gobi Ki Sabzi, Rajasthani Kadhi, Masala Chole, Veg Biryani, Masala Chaas, Kumb Makai Hara Pyaaz, A Variety Of Desserts, Naan, Salad,and many more. Plus the best part is that, the thali has unlimited refills of everything excluded the desserts. The taste of the food was so good and delicious. The flavors had classic taste. Mmmmmm Yummy! With this, the restaurant has also provided classic and a sophisticated ambiance which draws back the attention of the customer and added a pleasure to the whole dining experience.

Photo of KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali. 4/5 by Juhi Chakravertty

The thali is just a yummy yummy treat to my taste buds which costs around ₹2400 included taxes. At the end, they served us with the delicious, flavorful, and mouth-watering Rabri Kulfi which just made my day happy to the fullest. The experience at this restaurant is one to remember for lifetime.

Photo of KhaliBali Day With KhaliBali Thali. 5/5 by Juhi Chakravertty

We left the place around 6:00 P.M. in the evening after which my friends and I visited the central park to enjoy the musical fountain show to end the day on a happy and beautiful note with beautiful memories of enjoyment. At the end, I just wanted to add that the day was "Bole tho Ekdum Jhakaas".