Love travelling as a squirrel loves an acorn

A squirrel is a notorious nut hoarder, especially for the acorns, to see them through the winter. To the rodent, it’s an energy package, stored for the harsh season when it cannot forage the lands for food.

In the same way, I do an assemblage of stupendous travel stories, to serve as alluring memories in my ‘earning my bread and butter” days. It gives me a spur and provocation to think about the next adventure, where I can feel my freedom and bring back the positivity that gets lost in the mundane city grooves (the strenuous ones).

Somehow, it has become a scuffle to stay in the grind for too long, thus going back to all the places becomes a prodigy of my imagination. When I advance to diverse places in search of peace, it also serves as a medium to cleanse the negativity inside of me.

I have been born and brought up in a metropolitan (being the capital too), so I’m little accustomed to the hustle bustle, the smoke and dust, but if you’re not from any big city then, trust me you’ll be exasperated in no time. These kinds of cities offer luminosities which fade sooner than you think. You’ll feel no connection with nature, air and landscape and everybody hums the same tune, while very few people think of taking a sniff of fresh air and break the monotony, thus creating a need to unwind and collect oneself.

Therefore, we need to visit the exotic environs with numerous striking locations to balance between ‘working too hard’ & ‘a healthy lifestyle’. It is extremely important if you wish to counteract stress, have a little dose of recreation and some quality family time. Another amazing thing about these odyssey fables is – FREEDOM, something a human desires more than anything. You take a pause and get exposed to this most precious sentiment.

And believe me, the planning phase too, has its own vigour and liveliness, in the same way the squirrel has zeal to bounce, from one place to another in pursuit of the stock for the hibernation period.

It all begins with searching for a destination and finalizing it with the help of your partner or group, you’re travelling with. This will have the maximum impact on your planning due to:

Distance and the mode of transit (if thinking about domestic travel)
Proclivity for a terrain(e.g. Beach vs mountains, I lose to both)
No. of days/holidays (to be happily sanctioned by your workplace)
Cultures you’ll be exploring (important to know beforehand)
Weather and time of travel (I’ll say tread perennially)
Budget (Ahh, I hate to look at everything I need to pay for)
Then the next step is booking accommodations per requirements and budget, for some it’s the most vital fragment of the entire wander. The choice and category varies from one traveler to another, subject to the need of the hour. Nowadays, it’s very easy to look up-to the thousands of options on the internet offering a range of facilities.

But before you go ahead and finalize your hotel stay, it’s better to read about the place and the nearby locations of the lodgings. This will help you choose a better place or proximity to the highways and city areas. Hit a place of your liking and based on the above categories (or just anywhere) and bounce back with a restored positivity and utterly invigorated.

Now that you’ve read it, GET UP and START PLANNING!!

P.S. Once in a blue moon, you should also hit the road, as this will be the beginning to get in tune with your inner self and be savoir faire.