Mountain lovers!!!

23rd Mar 2019
Day 1

If you are mountain lover pack up ur bags and go to Mukhteswar. Forget bother hills station, if you are looking for peace and relaxation.
Our trip to Mukhteswar started early morning at 4:00am from Delhi by road. Mukhteswar is around 300kms from New Delhi. If you live driving then you should definitely go by road.
We reached at around 12.30pm. we had booked a government lodge named KMVN. It's located at zero point in Mukhteswar and it's the best and cheapest place to stay. Outside the hotel there is park through which you can see the full range of Himalayas.
The hotel room costed us 1900++ which included dinner and breakfast.
After freshening up sat in zero point and ordered egg Maggie and coffee. You can just keep sitting at zero point for hours and just enjoy the view.
In the evening we walked  to a temple just a km away from our hotel.
The weather was nice and cold. Later in the evening we came back at zero point to see the amazing sunset. You could see the colour of the sky change it's colour. It's a view to die for.
Dinner is served early at 8pm. The dinner had a wide spread buffet palak paneer, Dal fry, mixed vegetables, fried rice, roti, egg curry and seviya. We had dinner and decided to retire early as we had to wake up next morning to see the sunset.

Next day we woke up at 6.00am. You cannot miss the breathtaking view of the sunrise.
Next we had breakfast buffet,  boiled egg, bread toast, paratha, aloo ki sabji, tea and coffee. After having a heavy breakfast took a walk to chouli ki jali which is around 500mts from the hotel. You can walk through the woods in a thin lane enjoying the beauty of nature. Once you go reach that place you can have a full view of entire Utharakhand.
We spent almost an 1hour there sitting and chit chatting.

After having lunch we decided to leave early so that we cross the mountains in daylight. While coming down we took another halt in Bhimtal. Bhimtal is basically a copy of Nanital but a better, modified and less crowded place. We sat beside the lake and had aloo tikki, Maggie and coffee. After spending some time we left.

We reached Delhi at 11.30pm.

Just a small weekend get away from the busy and hectic everyday schedule. If you love mountains then forget all hillstations and go to Mukhteswar.

View from zero point

Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar

The description of the mountain range

Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar

Egg Maggie and coffee

Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar


Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar


Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar

Choli ki jali

Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar
Photo of Mountain lovers!!! by Moumita Majumdar