Mountains gave me my Life's Purpose!


Fortunate are those people, who understand themselves and meaning of their existence in one lifetime. I consider myself the luckiest one as I have what most people take their entire lives to understand and i.e "The Purpose of My Existence"

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Born and brought up in Delhi, I was living a regular meaningless life, without any direction and purpose. One fine day I decided to travel  to Himachal Pradesh and guess what, that trip changed my life forever. On my way to explore Kasol, i took a stopover at AmPm Resort, near mandi. Surrounded with loving dogs and beautiful nature, this place took my heart at once. I fell in love with every ounce of that place, including the dogs and the man behind the immense love of that place. With its serene beauty and non commercial vibe, this man had created a paradise for nature and dog lovers.

Photo of  Mountains gave me my Life's Purpose! 2/3 by Vaishali Tanwar
AmPm Resort, Pandoh, Himachal Pradesh

We both felt the connection and without wasting anytime further, we connected. It was a soul connection indeed and without any further delay, within 6 months we got married. Of course i had to leave my job and life in Delhi,to settle in mountains with my Mountain Man.

My real journey started when I had to leave my artificial life given to me by the city and had to come down to my roots. Apparently the closer you come to nature, the clearer you become. Living with the most simplest people on earth, I learnt the real value of Life. These people do not care where you come from, how do you look or what is your bank balance. They just care about the Love inside you!They do not care about money or status or looks, they just love you as a human being, Well only if you are good one!

The mountains brought me back to real life, a life where Love, Care and Compassion exists. A life where you are yourself, and there is no layering. A life where happiness is the priority!

Photo of  Mountains gave me my Life's Purpose! 3/3 by Vaishali Tanwar

When I started living a simple life removing my pretentious face, everything unveiled. I realized the importance of life and how much happier and fun life can be. Where we should utilize every second of it with a happy heart and open mind. I realized, we will never be the same, the looks, the energy, the mind set, the curiosity, this will all slow down with age after some time, so enjoy it while you have it. Live your life to the fullest and do not leave anything for future. You want to travel;just book a ticket, you want to say something to someone;just say it, you want to change your job; go for it. Because you never know how much time you have on this planet. Some people say it is harder than its said, i say it is as simple as it sounds. Life is not at all complicated, we choose to make it that way for no reason.So live every moment, because ultimately only happiness matters.

I also found my purpose in this life and i.e to spread Love and Happiness to every living specie i meet. Nature filled me with so much of love that it overflows and needs to be shared with the world. It made my soul free and gifted me creativity, now I need to spoil everyone with Love and Positivity, until i live.

Mountains gave me my purpose, which I am fulfilling with all my heart!

Have you found yours yet? If not, then how about a conversation with nature, I am sure if you listen carefully, you will get your answers too!

Written by:

Vaishali Tanwar

(A Pahadi)