Traveller's Epiphanies 

 We plan, we pack and we leave. That's what we call travelling. The journey, the sight seeing, the sports and good food... that's all? Obviously no! Travelling is much much more than just going by the itineraries. Travelling is about the moments, the uncalled adventures and relaxation. No matter, you've taken the rail tracks or the roads, you'll make small packets of memories at every bend.

If you are a travel junkie, you will definitely encounter moments of realization. The realization... the epiphany which turns you into a different person altogether. If you've been in love with travel, you must have also experienced such times during your journey or long after it.

So, here are some important realizations that define you and your travel stories better:

That Golden Sunrise

Waking up with the sun can be a little traumatic when you also have a 9 hour work shift but it's different when you're on a vacation. The bright yellow sky, the orange outlined snow capped mountains and the breeze... oh, the breeze stirs your soul like sugar in lukewarm water. Trust me. Watching a sun rise from behind Himalayas is magical and that's what got me hooked.Waking up at dawn regularly is surely not my point but I realized I would want to do it once in a while.

The Friendship

Travelling makes you value friends. Some of them, you might have met at the shack, by the beach. No matter if you have limited time together, the memories you'll create will last a lifetime. Sometimes, when I dig into old photographs, I find faces which now I rarely see around, but the time we had spent together was beautiful. This epiphany leaves me grateful for the people I met along the way.

What to Pack

Who needs fresh pair of clothes everyday on a trip! If you are a frequent traveller, you must have experienced the need of less... as less as possible! You know a backpack trip is far more than just beautiful pictures on Instagram, it's about pushing your limits and knowing your own strengths.You don't have to look your best while exploring a beautiful place. All you need instead, is a portable charger, an extra battery for your camera, a thermos, a torch, a mosquito repellent and such things which justify occupying that precious space in your bag.

Wrong Turns Make Memories

Just when you know you are a few miles away from your destination and the GPS shows ninety kilometers... you realize you're screwed! And especially when your vehicle is running out of fuel and all you have on both sides of the road is a dense forest. A dim light flickering at a distance has never given you enough pleasure than this situation. Looking back at such memories only makes you smile!

Coming Back Home Sucks

Nothing feels worse than coming back to your regular routine. All those things that were a part of your daily life seems boring and the best way you find to keep yourself going is to start dreaming about and planning your next trip.

The Addiction

This is the best travel epiphany which develops an unstoppable urge to never stop. It's when you realize that you're bitten by wanderlust and the only cure to this is to explore more. You know you are addicted to it when your weekend plans start revolving around your backpack and you decide to never settle.

Photo of Delhi, India by Aamna Mobin

I have been bitten by the travel bug badly and if you too are anything like me, you would have already started packing your bags by now!