Why should we travel?


"We travel not to escape from life, but we don't want life to escape us."

Why should we travel? Don't you think it's wastage of money and a way of getting tired at weekends? These questions comes to everyone's mind when they like a check in on our facebook wall or whenever they meet us :D . So here is an answer to all these questions :-

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 Life is too short and we live in present

Life is too short to think about problems and commitments of life. They will always bound you not to follow your passion. Someone will always be there to stop you. But who can stop a running clock? Who can stop flowing water? We the travellers know the importance of this short life and we tend to live our present to the fullest.

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It's not about the things you gather in life, it's all about the memories you gather

We have realized that upgrading models of our mobile phones or our cars is quiet boring and waste of money too. Our passion says to upgrade our travel diaries and memories. It is correct that travel makes you speechless and turns you into a storyteller. Why to focus on buying new things when you can gather more and more memories?

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Friends with whom you travel, are your friends forever

Friends with whom you travel, even if it's just about a single trip - they will be your friends throughout your life. You've lived many memorable moments of your life with them. Just running over rocks or late night parties, you spend few moments of your short life with them and hence they become the best one's. Travel well to make your bond better with them and to live your life to the best.

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When you travel, you explore yourself more than places

It's true that you visit to several places in your journey, but you explore yourself too. You are completely different while travelling and when you're busy in your hectic office schedules. You're just on your own and you live your life in your own way when you travel well. You know more about yourself, you start knowing about your strengths and later it turns out you to be a better decision maker. So travel well to know yourself better!

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Follow your passion

Travel is not only about going to places and getting yourself clicked. It's about following your passion. Your jobs will never give you enough time to go for a vacation and travel. You've to travel well and take out time by managing your schedules if you have passion to travel well. If you're an adventurer, live your trip like an adventurer, while if you're a nature lover, let your mind to get lost in scenic views and beauty of nature. If you're a party popper, live your life like a never ending party and if you love to explore, go and explore yourself in various places.

Everyone of us wishes to go to some or other destination and we keep on trying to make plans for the same. We keep on thinking about some or other reasons to stop ourselves.

Life never stops. Time will never come back. Don't let life to escape you. Live your present. Live your life. Read, travel and become :)