Things to do in Delhi in Summer

6th Jun 2019
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No one can ever believe the heat Delhi gives until they actually live in the capital. Delhi people this is for you: The things to do in Delhi in Summer.

We the thousands of souls living in the capital have known the screeching summer heat for years now, yet whenever the May-June phase hits, we find ourselves cursing the mother nature, global warming, technology and the humans’ tendency to find doom everywhere. In between these curses, we also find ways to relieve ourselves from this heat through some ingenious ways. Here are those ways for you. Lets beat the Delhi heat the best way we can.

*Fun Disclaimer- these are not permanent solutions to solve the heat problem, that’s up to God and the Government, this list only consists of ways to cool off when you are really high on the temperature.

1)    Ice Skating, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

The ambience mall at Gurgaon has been our guardian for years now to give some 60-75 minutes of chills and feels of the mountains. The heavy gear and falling on the rock ice is way better than bearing the sun rays off the street. The adventure activity is a fun one and it really helps to cool off and spend some joyful moments together with friends and family.

It costs 499/- on weekdays: Monday to Friday and 699/- on weekends.

It opens 10am-10pm everyday.

Tip: If you have long socks, bring them along to save a few bucks.

2)    Snow World Delhi, Mall of India, Noida

To another corner of the big Delhi NCR, the Mall of India has opened a snow haven of its own, and we can’t be gladder. The Snow World at Noida is really a snow world where you can experience snowfall, can build a snowman, do snow fighting, sledging and all the other snowy things that you like. The entire arena is specially built to give the Delhi peeps a feel of the snow-capped hills and chilly winds. Well, the one hour time frame can sometimes feel a little less whatsoever it helps us survive Delhi’s blazing heat.

Location: Ambience Mall, Noida sector 18

Price: 799/- onwards

Timing: 11 am to 9:45 pm

3)    Spa

You have been thinking about it for too long now, it’s time to do it. There are a number of places providing pocket-friendly and amazing spa in Delhi. It may not actually cool you down like Snow World but it will help you release irritation occurred because of the summer breeze. And who doesn’t like the spa? In these Super Sunny days spa can really help get some rational perspective in life. You know what we mean right?

4)    Water Park

Water Park is the best, minus the tanning. Really though stepping out in the Sun makes you look like a burned peach anyway no matter how high SPF Sunscreen you have used. Then why not have some fun and get some cold relaxation while getting the tan? There are many water parks in and around Delhi but we love the one in Noida GIP: World of Wonder(WOW), the most. Hundreds of people go there every day to get away from Delhi heat. It’s fun, adventurous and you can get loads of Vitamin D while at it.

Location: WOW, Great India Place, Noida

Price: Weekdays(Monday to Friday)- 870/- onwards,

Weekends- 1099/- onwards

5)    Join Swimming Classes

We know you haven’t thought of it. Think about it, joining a swimming class is like your daily ticket to the cool-world. You get to be in the water for hours and on top of that, you get to learn swimming which is practically a very important thing to learn for survival. So win-win. Join a swimming class but make sure that it’s s indoor or at least have a roof or a shed. Learn swimming and make it your daily escape from Delhi Summer heat.

These are a few awesome things to do in Delhi this Summer, if you have some more fun ideas then share with us!

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