Travel mistakes at common platform and ways to avoid it?

Travelling is what excites everyone, but proper planning and management are what usually we lack on and which make our trip bit messy and dull, reducing your excitement level from high to nil.
All the zeal starting from packing till the point of visiting new places gets shattered when few basics things are missed in the requisites of planning the trip.
So, from my personal experiences and few moments shared by travelling buddies, I got to know few mistakes which we usually do while planning the trip and thereby give suggestions too to avoid them.
Sometimes we plan trips suddenly and this is the biggest mess we do which empty our pockets as last minutes flights are always costly and heavy on pockets. So just to escape from this hassle plan the trips in advance if you want to surprise your loved ones and if in case holidays are turn out be planned at last moment, plan the shorter gateways to travel.
Remember to study the calendar in advance and plans the trips so that trips turn out to be memorable rather than the nightmare.
We check the Google baba for cheap hotels...? But we never compare the websites. Make it a habit of comparing the prices and rating of the hotels before you finalise any as this may give you better prices along with the good and more facilities will check-in. Be particular about the fact that whichever hotel you choose to stay should be nearby your area of hooping in and out so that the expense of local vehicle can be reduced which can become other pocket friendly to you.
When we plan the trip, every person want to be best and look much trendy to showcase their pictures of travel on the instagram page and other social media page, just because of which we put in too much of unwanted stuff which increase the size of luggage.
Therefore, try to carry limited clothes and the one which can be used on the dual bases. Example like if you are more intoIndian attire trycarrying such tops which can solve both western and Indian outlook. Do double check your luggage list so that waste and unwanted luggage could be avoided.
Places of your visit and interest should be studied prior hand, and should try to understand the best timing of visiting each place, so that long queues don’t become obstacle. Also, try become early bird for certain places where online booking of tickets can’t be done, or else book advance tickets, it might cost abit on your pocket but saves lot of time because its wisely said TIME IS MONEY.
Always carry travel insurance whenever travelling is in your bucket. It not only secures you but cover your medical safety too. It helps you in the situation when all the surrounding acts against you.

Tourist guide are the one which usually prefer when they travel new places considering that it will make travel their travel easy and quick, but it 90% turns out to be myth. So, do little bit of self-study about that place, take the help of the local maps, localities and try to read the blogs if available for the place you are planning to visit. Bloggers have better, cheap and best solutions to the problems.
Never carry all the money together. Keeping it in different places can help you use the money logically, always carry side small bags which can keep all your necessary items as like mobile, wallet, and any other necessary items.
Do keep extra money and extra cards always at the hotel when you go for local market and sight-seeing
Its always advisable to do ground work about the place before you actually land into that area, specially the language and food stuff. It is always good to be known of the facts and figures and local travelling stories and some known local people because it makes travel easy and economic.
Its good to keep the multiple adapter if you are doing the international travel because all the countries don’t have the same charging sockets which can be the reason of non charging of the phone and various batteries if you are carrying the camera.
Always cross check the places what so ever you book for the stay because the social media not always show the correct and clear picture of the place. So just cross check the places so that the trip is not spoiled up because of the small small things.
Try to understand the small small points which I have mentioned hereby, might be they can lessen up hazzles that could take place when you plan the last moment trips. These are the mistakes which I personally experienced it.
So, just learning from my mistakes and so that last moment travellers don’t face such mistakes and problems I pen down my points. Hope these help you whenever you plan the trip, especially if you are travelling Solo.
Photo of Delhi, India by kapoor_suru
Photo of Delhi, India by kapoor_suru