Trip to shillong

22nd Sep 2020
Day 1

i started my day from 11 sep 2020 in the morning i took a flight from delhi in the morning 6:35 am and i reached guwahati by 9:30 am . i went by air asia because in north east state it was cheaper than other airline .

so, when i reached guwahati i travelled during Covid-19 pandemic so it took me 1.5 hours to exit from the airport because when you land at airport than you have to complete some formalities so it took some time.
so, after completion i went to catch the bus , the moment i reached at stop there were so many people who was supposed to go shillong and i also joined them after that but there was one mistake i did in this travel i was not aware about the e-pass  so, one guy has told me about this then same moment i applied for e-pass through their website but it took 3 to 4 hrs to approve or some of them got in 30 min also its depend actually.

so, i got my pass after 4 hrs then i took bus from guwahati to shillong at 9pm but before we reach shillong we were tested Covid test in polo bazaar ground they gave us report in 15 min. then we had dinner they provided us then they arranged cab also for dropping .

Day 2

on 2nd day i went to explore the city i visited nearby places world lake , police bazaar , bara bazaar, etc i had tried local food which costing around ₹150-200 , whole day i explored the city .

Day 3

on 3rd day i planned to go back i went to bus stop but during this pandemic they suspended their service of transportation across the city  ,  then i tried hitchhiking i came up with my bags and tried to stop every vehicle i was supposed to do break journey but luckily i got one cab directly to guwahati airport.
on same day i took flight and came back to Delhi.