My trip to the land of mist and magic

20th Jun 2017

Double Root bridge

Photo of My trip to the land of mist and magic by Rashmi Sharma

Hallo everyone, so I am uploading this trip only too late .. I got really busy as I was in the family way...I took this trip in June last year and am logging it below :)

Day 1

Day 1, 20 Jun 17- Me and my husband landed at Guwahati airport sometime around 1100hrs and took a ticket for 2(Rs 800 for both of us) from Meghalya Tourism office for the government bus plying to shillong. We boarded the bus at 1225hrs and reached shillong at 1630hrs after which we took rest in our guest room and headed out for dinner to Cafe Shillong...We ordered momos, soup and veg noodles and enjoyed our dinner while a musician played his guitar:) and welcomed us to shillong. The market I noticed was almost closed at around 2100hrs.

Day 2

Day 2 - We had hired a taxi and headed out from our room at 0900 hrs. We headed first to shillong peak followed by Elephant falls, Heavens grove, ward's lake , Don Bosco museum, Dylan's cafe and ended our day at Police bazaar. It was love at first sight with heaven's Grove. I did not want to leave ...It was an out of a book place and I felt so distant from the maddening Mumbai. It was the high point of my day (till date have a hangover of the place).

Day 3

Day 3- At 0930 hours we headed towards Cherapunjee, Sohra in our taxi .. The journey was just as beautiful as the destination. Enroute we stopped at the view points, Aruwa caves, Ramakrishna mission, Nong Kalikai falls, Mawsmai caves, seven sisters falls from where also caught a glimpse of Bangladesh, The picturesque eco park from where we headed straight to our beautiful Kutmadan Resort. The view of Bangladesh from the Eco park and the totally Gorgeous resort is printed on my mind forever and words fail me when I want to describe the feeling and the experience. You can actually see the clear altitude difference in Meghalaya and Bangladesh...At night the Border lights..The locals can point out their cities and villages ..

Day 4

Day 4- At 0954 hrs we started for Nongriat village to begin the much coveted 'Double Route Bridge Treck' which began at 1030 hrs and we finally got back to our taxi at 1500hrs. A whooping 4 1/2 hr trek but so worth it..after the trek we headed back to out quarter at Shillong;and the sleep that we had was earned with a lot of toil :D; The trek is a difficult one and I can honestly say that 'You have to earn a picture at the Double route bridge' ..I encountered many families with children at the beginning but none at the end of the trek , I saw many people returning from mid way...To get to the main bridge one has to cross 2-3 smaller bridges that are like a tight rope walk and are above a river with fast moving water. It is can be intimidating and scary even for adults. In my opinion this trek should not be attempted with kids or individuals not in the best of their health.

Day 5

Day 5 - We began our day at 0930hrs first stop being Mawlynnong root bridge...This was far more crowded since its so much easier to scale, followed by a visit to Mawlynnong village and Dhowki the border village with Bangladesh. It is here you can so clearly feel the change in climate due to the fall in altitude from our cool and beautiful Meghalaya to the hot and humid Bangladesh. We took a boat ride and literally touched upon the Bangladeshi side. That day we also saw Kenram falls, Umvai village, living root bridge, Novet village. In the end we headed back to our accommodation but not without stopping at ML05 cafe to stuff our tummys..We stayed at our room for a little bit and later in the evening headed out for dinner at Deja Vu and shopping at police Bazaar.

Day 6

Day 6 - Started early morning from our room in Shillong to Guwahati in our taxi to catch our return flight to Mumbai.

The USP of my Shillong trip :- (not in any specific order)

1. Heavens Grove

2. My stay at the breathtaking Kutmadan Resort

3. Trek to the double root bridge

4. Dylan's cafe, ML05 cafe and chinese food at Deja vu

5. Dhowki

6. Mawsmai caves

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