Walking through the streets of Delhi

4th Feb 2021
Photo of Walking through the streets of Delhi by JEET BISWAS
Photo of Delhi by JEET BISWAS

Dring my time in New Delhi,my visit to chaotic Old Delhi was a highlight. This is a crazy place with traffic,noise, congestion and few odd smell I encountered. However, this place is quite a happening one. The moment you step on its street, your life catches up a different pace. A walk through chaotic, Old Delhi is something you must do on your first visit to India.


Photo of Walking through the streets of Delhi by JEET BISWAS

While walking through the streets, you will encounter quite a variety of people. Be careful while walking because you might encounter  rickshaw walas who will honk once behind you and shout "O bhaiya dekh ke chaliyea na", well it's not the fault of either of you,that's the streets of Delhi. It has a different aura of its own, in between those rickshaws and men you will find yourself enjoying that ambience.


Photo of Walking through the streets of Delhi by JEET BISWAS

During this walk,you will explore not only the street food and the bazars, but also the cultural landscape of this area. It's like a heaven for foodies and shopping lovers. There's no fixed pattern of shops or stalls, you will come across a chain of handicraft shops and suddenly there will be a momo stall. Clumsy yet beautiful! And your nose will be blessed while you pass through the street food stalls, that's how amazing they smell. Even if you are full still you will want to grab a plate of momos and enjoy it. Its an amazing experience to stand still there and observe everything around you in motion.

   If you are visiting Delhi,do take an evening form your schedule to explore the streets of Delhi. It's worth a walk across.